Vermicompost Experiment: Update 13, Bins 2 & 3

Hello everyone it’s unit 13 here on-scene
at the homestead, this is update 13 for worm bins
2 & 3. There’s a piece of footage for worm bin two here that I would normally
edit out but I put this in so we can see that there are worms around the top edge
again. I just wanted to put that in here to note it. Before I continue with the
current state of bin two. Let’s go back and take a look at what it looked like on
August 18th. Okay let’s take a close look down here in bin two. What in the world’s going on in here? Why are all those worms trying to get out of this thing? There is
absolutely all right we’re gonna a sniff test. Okay there’s no malodors in here
anywhere. I do smell vegetation darn it, this is like earthquake city. Wow! Okay. there, there not enough, I think they
there’s not enough access to food in here goodness I hope that’s staying in
focus. Well here are places where they could
have access to food and they’re not there. Okay I’m going to do a quick once-over
here on this handheld What is going on in there? It might be there’s not access to food for everybody and they’re trying to find something. I don’t know that’s completely mystifying. Look at all of them its amazing. Time for some high speed trash disposal
it’ll be time for the next bin. Okay to bin three. Before I took the cardboard
off I thought these mushrooms that were growing out of there looked pretty cool so
I wanted to take a picture of that and put it up here, before I show the transition
of the difference between here is what the bin look like on the 18th after the
food had been added. And here’s what it looks like on the 26th. Big difference. It’s pretty amazing how much they can put away. There’s virtually no odor in there,
it’s like I can’t, really can’t smell anything. It’s really neutral like almost
earthy but not hardly earthy That’s all for update 13 on worm bins 2
& 3 I’ll close the video out with feeding of
bin 3. This is unit 13 I’m out. It’s unit 13 here, did you forget to go check out the website? What are you waiting for?

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