Vermicompost Experiment: Update 14, Bins 2 & 3

Unit 13 here on-scene here at the homestead it’s time for update 14 for worm bins 2 & 3. We’ll start off by looking at these
photos here of attempted escapees from bin worm number two, and that still
continues. At this point I’m considering start restarting being number one to see
if that will alleviate that problem. As an experiment. But the issue with that is
actually having enough food on hand to supply all the worms. So I’m gonna
have to deal with that. Okay let’s get started with the update on bin 2 here’s
a view of bin on August 26 as it was after it had been fed. Here it is on
September 7th. There’s no notable odors except for the
normal earthy tones, earthy smells that go along with having a worm bin. There’s
certainly nothing offending. I’m going to take in disturb all of those contents to
help create aeration and stop those seeds from continuing to take root
inside there. ‘Cause I don’t want that to happen. Usually what happens if I do that
they’ll, they’ll slowly decompose and get consumed by the worms. And since
there’s, there’s really not much exciting happening in bin 2 I’ll close out the
update with one of the high speed feedings and switch over to the next bin.
Switching over to bin 3 they’re similar indicators of worm activity up
on the ledge of the bin. Interesting mystery. Switching from that back in
time to August 26 there is cantaloupe avocado and watermelon there among other fruits. That’s how it presented as it was left. Here’s what it looks like on
September 7th, drastic change in there. And once again that those seeds
love to germinate in that space. There’s no foul odors it just smells nice and neutral more than it does earthy. Since there’s not much to note I’ll close it
out with a high-speed feeding like usual and catch you up on the next update. This
is unit 13 I’m out. It’s unit 13 here did you forget to go check out the website? What are you waiting for?

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  1. I think you are feeding your worms to much food. The heat is probably causing them to escape. Just a tip. Thanks for sharing.

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