Vermicompost Experiment: Update 17, Bins 2 & 3

Hello everyone it’s unit 13 here on
scene at the homestead we’re looking inside bin number two. The local weather
is reporting an ambient temperature of 94 and the digital thermometer inside
the bin is showing 86 degrees. So it does look like that thermometer that I put in
there last time was very accurate. When I open the bin I noticed an odor. I’m gonna
pull this thermometer out. This stuff here is getting eaten but not
very fast. I think the heat might be affecting things in here. There’s a lot of activity by worms. I expected this to be
down a lot more but it’s not. There’s still a lot of stuff left in here. Given
the amount of worms that’s a surprise. And there’s also been a big outbreak of some type of fruit flies looks like. So I
do have a slight odor but I’m not gonna worry about that. Sometime it does get a
little smelly. I have this varied selection of leftovers, stuff that’s gone bad. Dump it in the middle here. Need to kind of spread it out get this up
in the corners. Really not much to note here. I’ll come
back in a week and check and see what’s going on. Bin three still have an ambient
temperature of 94 and a digital temperature of eighty six point three in
the bin. I’m gonna pull that thermometer out. Okay they’re eating that. They’re eating on that. Yeah this stuff is just going to rot. I think it’s too hot for them.
They’re trying to stay cool which is why they’re, they haven’t consumed all this.
This one has a slight odor to it I can see that it’s just it’s just too warm
out here. Trying to figure a way that I might keep these worms a little bit
cooler. I’m gonna dump this in. Think I’m going to dump this on the end here. Goodness something in here doesn’t really want to come off. Put this stuff over here along the edges. Yeah there’s, there’s not much to note
here. It’s warm, it’s warm out, it’s been consistently in the high 80s and 90s
over the last week. So what I think’s happening is they’re trying to find any
place cool that they can. Outside of that there’s not much more to note about this
bin. We’ll check back next week. This is unit 13 I’m going back inside where
it’s air-conditioned.

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