Vermicompost Experiment: Update 18, Bins 2 & 3

Hello everyone this is unit 13 here on
the scene at the homestead. This is going to be update 18 of the vermicompost
experiment. Before we get into that I want to direct your attention over to
AJ’s Green Topics over at YouTube. It was a conversation with him I had that
suggested I checked the temperature in my bins here. And I’m glad that um, I’m glad he suggested it because I really hadn’t thought about that much. And turns out it
was a very useful, vital piece of information to help see what’s going on
inside here or inside these bins. So go over to AJ’s Green Topics and his
YouTube channel and subscribe because he also has some red wiggler worms and does some frequent updates over there as well. Okay, let’s get into these bins. Here we are worm bin two. Looks like they ate all the potatoes. There’s nothing left of the um, that’s an olive there’s nothing left of the avocados or of the mangoes that were in there. Looks like they
finally cleared it out. I can see spiders moving around in here. Doesn’t look like there’s any lizards or frogs at this point. There’s no odor. We have an ambient temperature according to the local news of 92 degrees. The soil temperature is 87.6 F. I can’t believe
there’s any worms alive in here. Maybe they come out and feed at night when
it’s cooler. I haven’t come out here to check it at night to see what the
temperature is. Not much to note there. I’m not going to disturb much of this. It
looks like they haven’t quite gotten to everything. Once this stuff reaches a
certain point it doesn’t seem like they’re very interested in it. But let’s
see. Yeah I think the reason they’re not eating this is it dried out if. I can get
it next to the soil maybe it’ll pick up some moisture. Look, then pull the thermometer out. There we’re plenty of, there were plenty of
fruit flies in here once. There’s somebody a straggler huh? Not much to note here. Feed this quick. In goes the semi rotting vegetables. Oops forgot to take this out. In bin three we have no odor. Some
spiders crawling around in there. So I don’t think we have any frogs or
lizards in here. Not yet. Worms at the top look like they’re doing,
trying to eat something there. That’s a good sign. All right let me get the thermometer. Once again ambient temperature of 92 and a soil temperature of 86.7 F just like the other one. Really not much to note here. You can have a little bit of that. That’s all for update 18 this is unit 13 I out.

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  1. Thank you for the support. I'm still learning things about worms also. This is why I watch other worm farmers videos. Have a great day.

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