Vermicompost Experiment: Update 19, Bins 2 & 3

Hello everyone is unit 13 here on the
scene at the homestead this is going to be update 19 for bin’s 2 and 3 of
the vermicompost experiment. Okay bin 2, I’ve started moving things around in
here before I realized should have been recording. And I’ve got an ambient
temperature of 89°F 61% humidity, I’ve got a internal
temperature on this of 83.8°F So the, it looks like the, the
fan blowing on this actually does work. There are no odors in there.
There are many of those things in there. Quite a number of them. Don’t know what they are hope that I find out they’re not roaches. Okay not much the note in here. Going to put some of this in.
Some mangoes. Kill off these seeds that are growing in
here. More mangoes. Salad stuff, cucumbers. Then a bunch of very funky vegetables. Okay you’ve bin 3, same thing no odors. Looks like those worms at the top here in abundance. Most of them went down when I opened this up. Get these seeds moving around.
ambient temperature 89°F 61% humidity the internal temperature of 81
correction 83.1°F 83.1°F. So it looks good
in here. When I opened this up at first there
were a lot of worms at the top they’ve since moved down below the surface
there. I expected there would be a lot more spiders in here by now but they
haven’t built up yet. I have no odors and it looks like most of the stuff that was
in here last week or whenever I was in here has been consumed. Okay
that’s really all there is to note about that. Time for some waste. I’m gonna close out the video with a high-speed waste dump here. This is unit 13 I’m out.

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