Vermicompost Experiment: Update 20, Bins 2 & 3

Hello everyone it’s unit 13 here on
scene at the homestead. This is update 20 of the vermicompost experiment. What we’re looking at here is a photograph of what I believe are black soldier flies that I
introduced into the bin from a feeding two or three feedings ago. I’m guessing. I
took and scoop these up put them in a ventilated mason jar and put it back in
the bin so that if something does emerge from them we will know what it is. Before
I get into the bin update I wanted to make a correction on the temperatures
that are shown in each of the bins as the ambient temperature. The most likely
correct ambient temperature for that time of the day would have been 87
degrees with a 89% humidity and based on the experience I had this morning the
89% humidity is probably pretty accurate because it didn’t take long for me,
my shir… because it didn’t take long for my shirt to get soaking wet with sweat out
there. It was pretty amazing. Here’s what the bin looked like on the 21st. Okay let’s see, bin 2 same ambient
conditions 89° Fahrenheit 61 % humidity with an soil temperature of 83.8°. There are no odors in here. From this photo you can see that there were
worms trying to I think get cool. I haven’t been using the fan on here
lately and I think that it’s made a difference so I’m going to turn the fan
back on both of these bins today again. I just chased a roach out of here and
killed it. Who was that? Somebody moved over there. I saw, oh!
That’s what I was worried about. Where is it? I haven’t seen any spiders I must overlooked them. I think there was a
couple in here the last time. There’s really not much else once again, once
again there’s not much else to note in here. There were a few spiders the last
time I think but I didn’t see them this time. I’m gonna go ahead and dump this in here. That’s gonna be it for number 2 Ok bin 3, ambient conditions are 89° Fahrenheit with a 61 % humidity. Interior temperature of the
soil is 83.1° There’s a slight odor in here from the fruit that hasn’t been
consumed yet. Which is a big surprise considering the volume of worms that’s
in here. I’m going take and pull that so that it stops the growing process same
thing for all those seeds. There are worms under there working on that mango but they’re not in mass and I think it’s due to the temperatures in here. I have not been running the fan on this
and that’s evident from that higher thermometer setting, or setting
thermometer reading. Not much to note this is sort of a typical day which is
why I don’t always document what’s going on in here with frequency because this
is a typical kind of scenario. Okay today I got another, I got my, another blender. I wanted to get one out of storage but I couldn’t do it. So I put all the
waste into the blender and just gonna pour it in and take and spread that out
in here. This is how I used to do the bins before
my blender broke. Usually I would take anything like carrots, any kind of big root vegetables I grind them all down before I put them in. Seemed to make the
food disappear much faster. That’s all for now this is unit 13 I’m out.

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  1. Just a suggestion for you. Fluff up the bedding in your bins. You might also be overfeeding your worms. These are tips and not judgments against you. I'm still learning also. Enjoy your day.

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