Vermicompost Experiment: Update 21, Bins 2 & 3

Hello everyone it’s unit 13 here on
scene at the homestead this is update 21 of the vermicompost experiment. The
photograph we’re looking at is what I believe to be black soldier flies. I
wasn’t sure until they hatched, but now I am. I have no scientific proof of that only what I see. The only part I’m
disappointed about is that I didn’t catch them in time while they were alive.
If I had I would have let them out to escape and go out into the wild
and do what they do naturally. Okay shifting over to the bins. We’ll
start off with bin number 2 back on July 29th here’s what the bin looked
like. Shifting over to August 27th. Here we are bin 2. It’s obvious that
everything that went in there is now gone. They’ve cleared out everything
except for the seeds and the skins which I have never seen them consume. Those
skins will eventually work their way down to the bottom of the bin. We have an ambient temperature of 88ºF. I forgot to check it on the humidity, and a
bin temperature of 80.9ºF. So it’s almost 81 in there. No odors, there were
just a few worms at the surface and it’s been four weeks since my last update.
Which is probably why no one’s around. Plus the heat wave, just never seems to
stop. On today’s menu we have rotting
vegetables, there’s avocados, tomatoes potatoes, mangoes, and I’m not sure what
else is in there. So that’s for starters. Go on this other side. A little bit of banana peel in there.
Looks like some of that’s a little far gone so there may not be as much in there for them to eat as I was hoping. There’s some fresh vegetables as well. Okay there we go. Some tomatoes and grapes that are past
their prime. Everything’s squashed up so it’s, they
don’t have to fight to get through the skins in there. Open the mango up a
little bit more. This is bin 3 on July 29th. Bin 3, we still have an ambient
temperature of 88ºF and a bin temperature of 80.9ºF, the same thing
has bin 2. No odors, there was very little activity for the worms on the top
but they were on the top surface it looked like they were eating the
cardboard. There are no odors really just no odors in here of any kind. Everything
is looking like a normal bin in here when everything is functioning well. We
have had a little bit of temperature reduction over the last week or two but
it’s just been warm. That’s the deal. Ok not much to note there besides what
I’ve just talked about. So it’s time for more rotting vegetables. This one is gonna get a couple mangos. Okay they’re fed that’s all for bin

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