Vermicompost Experiment: Update 22, Bins 2 & 3

Hello everyone this is unit 13 here on
scene at the homestead. This is update 22 of the vermicompost experiment for bin
2 and 3. We’ll start off with bin number 2 back in August 27th.
Moving forward to September 12th. Looks like most of the waste has been consumed. Except for skins that they often do not consume unless the skin, or until that
skin has broken down. There are no odors to speak of in this. Once again its a
neutral smell in there. We have a 85º Fahrenheit temperature with a
humidity of 70% and the bin interior temperature is 83.3º
Fahrenheit. Not much to note here. Looks like that onion wants to grow. Besides
that there’s not much to note for bin 2. I’m gonna finish off this bin with a
high-speed feeding. Bin 3. We had a couple of gecko visitors if you look at the top
of the screen there where the cardboard meets the side of the bin. You can see a
couple of geckos and the one that crawled up the side there on the right
hand side managed to make it up inside the handhold cut out. Going back to
August 27th forward into September 12th. No odors of
any kind in here it’s back to that natural state, or neutral state where it
just smells almost like nothing. Lots of moisture in there I think those geckos
are keeping the spiders down and inside there because there was hardly any
spiders and that there were no larger ones. We have a ambient temperature of 85º, 70% humidity and a soil temperature of 81.8º. I think that
Hurricane Dorian has kept the temperatures down. And um, those worms in there had become more active because of it. That’s all I have
for bin 3. I’ll finish it off with another high-speed feeding. This is unit
13 I’m out.

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