Vermicompost Experiment: Update 23, Bins 2 & 3

Hello everyone this is unit 13 here on
scene at Homestead this is update 23 of the vermicompost experiment. We’ll start
off with bin number 2 back in September on the 12th, going to move
forward into October on the 5th. The ambient temperature is 85º with a humidity of 69% and a soil temperature of 81.8º Fahrenheit. There are no foul odors in this bin. The only thing that I do note of concern is
the drying out of the surface. I believe that the fan that’s been running on
there continuously is contributing to that. Plus the cardboard’s been
loosefitting it’s not being as snug as usual. I’ve added more pieces to remedy
that. That, that drying out is visible in the upper left-hand screen traveling all
the way across to the middle of the bin just under the number 2 up there and
also down in the lower right hand corner. I’m removing those skins just clear up
the space and also throw those into the backyard compost bin. Now I’m going to
just spread out the items that I have for them to eat, old apples, some
other fruits that I don’t recognize. Some salad, potato skins and some carrot skins. That’s all for bin 2. Moving over to bin 3. If you look up in the upper
left hand side there under one of those lights a gecko suddenly emerges into
the sce….., to the scene there and quickly moves down into the cardboard. That shredded
cardboard there. Okay this is what bin 3 looked like September 12. Here’s what it looks like now on October 5th. I’m going to do the
same thing to this bin. I’m going to remove those hard skins and get them out of there and get them into the backyard compost bin. The ambient temperature is
still 85º Fahrenheit 69% humidity and a soil temperature of 81
correction 82.2º, 82.2º. There are no foul odors
and looks like in this bin too it’s noticeable that the corners are drying
up and the soil has settled in just a little bit. So I think I’m probably gonna
have to come back and add some moisture to these bins just to make sure that
they’re not too dry. There was also some worms at the top trying to clear out
what was left in some of those avocados. Not much else to note. I’m gonna do the
same thing with number 3 here, feed the same leftovers. All those
leftovers were divided up. I’m just gonna spread them out. We’ll see what happens
here next time. This is unit 13 I’m out.

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