Vermicompost Experiment: Worm Bin Mosquito Net Frame

Hello everyone it’s unit 13 here on
scene at the homestead and I want to share with you this PVC pipe frame I
made to hold mosquito netting over top of the worm bins. It’s designed to
prevent insects from coming into it so that I don’t bridge the moat as well as
keep or contain the spiders that are in there so they don’t infiltrate into the
house, if we take this in, take the bins in for a hurricane or other type of
event. What I did is I just cut out pieces until I had what I thought was
enough. I checked them for fit. What I used is PVC elbow tees, regular tees, and
caps as feet on the down legs and then of course a bed mosquito net. Everything
is dry assembled, nothing will be glued. So that the frame can be broken down and stored or easily transported if it becomes necessary to do so. Everything,
everything is dry fit here. What I’m doing now is installing the
crossmembers that will support or help support the net from sagging onto the
top of the bins helping to reduce the possibility of bridging those moats. That
way I can’t introduce new species in there. Last thing I want are ants. That’s
given me problems in the past. This is a view just before I put the net on to
give you an idea of what it looks like. I’m going to leave those cross members
on the top loose instead of cutting in fittings for each one because I believe
I’m gonna actually add possibly a couple more up there. And I don’t mind having
them loose that way they’ll be more adjustable if that net is sagging.
Another idea I have is if I come across a piece of lattice, that PVC lattice I
see on the side of the road out here all the time I will pick it up and add it to the top here. I think that now that I’ve looked
at the design I think that a piece of lattice would actually be very useful
for that purpose and then I can eliminate those other three cost members
that are visible in this little section of video here. Here’s a quick overview of what it looks
like from the top. And it’s clear to see in this next image here or video that
it’s bridging or it’s not bridging the gap, it’s preventing that net from making
contact with the top. And then in this view here it’s just a little quick
walk-around of what it looks like after I’ve installed the net. Total time from
the time I put that pipe and the fittings down in that room to the time I
picked up everything was approximately 40 minutes. And the whole time lets, see
the whole project cost was $32.93. That’s the net, the PVC fittings, and pipe.
So that was a pretty cheap fix. I also have enough fittings so that if I add an
additional bin I have enough material to extend that net out across there. And I
believe by what it looks like on the floor there that there’s enough
materials that I will be able to do that. I’m going to have to take out some stuff
that’s in storage and put in here to add the next bins on. Okay it’s a pretty
simple project, really easy to do. That’s all I have this is unit 13 I’m out of

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