Vermicompost Experiment: Worms from nowhere!

Go ahead and document the state of this. This is this bin that I had to redo because it got cockroaches in it. Through my own stupidity. I introduced them, so I had to empty that bin out, and uh, See if I can get that a little better. Had to empty this bin out here……..And um, start over. But I had put all these, the worms out of here into another bin and didn’t… Really wasn’t in the mood to do anything with it and, then, I……….um. Was gonna transplant some plants and this dirt that I had set aside had a bunch of earthworms, really small looking earth worms in it. And I have no idea where they came from so I decided to Go ahead and start this bin. Different than I had any other bins just as an experiment with. Let’s see if I can…move that out of the way. It’s, it it’s really low here, it’s only maybe about an inch, inch and a half deep there, and then it comes up here. At an angle. Let’s move it like this, there we go. That way, I just have um, I’m just doing this as an experiment to see what happens, when you don’t have a lot of worms, and with some things like, what’s gonna happen with these potato skins when they’re just left by themselves There’s little mangoes, pieces of mango in there. And I don’t have no idea how many worms there are yet. I just know they were really small worms in there, so I’m just gonna watch this thing and see what happens you can see how the mold will build up down in there and Some of these for the interesting things to happen Yes, it’s compost All right, it’s not a very good video doesn’t have a whole lot in it I just wanted to document sort of the state of this thing. It’s been up for about two weeks now and I Just had the idea to go ahead and document it Because it is (mumbles) See there’s some kind of fruit fly maggots in there right now eating, eating, um, the, eating that mango inside this bin here. Yeah, I don’t really see where the earthworms are. If they’ve ever come up or not I know there were earthworms in here. They might be under this stuff that I don’t want to disturb right now. Yeah, okay, now it’s got light on here. I think we’re focussing down there. Yeah, I just want to take a look and see if I can see any worms anywhere. Under any of this. There’s a worm there! Oh good! And it’s a lot, they’re a lot bigger. Don’t know if you can see that or not. Let’s see if I can… Yeah, I think these are, really funky. Yeah, it might be here if I can find something like that. Yeah, that’s where those mites are I don’t know if you can see it. I can see those little tiny mites. There’s maggots and there’s mites there. It’s the,(laughing) look at the yellow reflecting off them gloves. Oh my goodness! Alright, so, let’s see. Yeah, I don’t see anything. So I’m opening them and squeeze that out. Mush it. Okay there’s worms here. Yeah, that’s they’re, coming up from, that’s the original part of the original thing there Okay cool all those worms are getting bigger. Sorry worms. There are…….several of them. Okay………! Let’s uh. Yeah, okay, well this is gonna be interesting to see what kind of worms. Sorry about that. Let’s see, see what kind of worms we end up with here. That we got a, free start with. I know there’s some, um, bunch of fruit fly magnet…maggots in here of some kind, but we’ll leave it like that. Cool, alright. (Closing Music) CC by Unit 13, visit for more.

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