Vermicompost Research in Cambodia

hi my name is Karen Legrand and I lead a
project with my colleagues at UC Davis and at the Royal University of
Agriculture and we focus on building and scaling safe vegetable value chains in
Cambodia one way that we do this is by finding
chemical free methods for farmers to use earthworms can be used to make compost
and it saves the farmers a lot of time because they don’t have to constantly
turn the pile the earthworms do that for them and many individuals and
organizations in Cambodia have tried to use earthworms to make compost however
there have been a lot of problems for people who have tried to use earthworms
in Cambodia and so far it hasn’t been successful so our team tested different
varieties of earthworms and our team was successful in identifying two different
varieties of earthworms that are able to survive in Cambodia and to make compost
the next experiments we’re working on are to identify the different nutrient
content that is produced by earthworms that are fed different types of food
sources these experiments are being conducted at a new earthworm research
and training facility that our project opened in a farming community these
experiments will help us understand what to feed the earthworms in order to
produce compost that is relevant for fertilizing specific types of crops
consumers in Cambodia prefer chemical free produce so we work with farmers to
capitalize on this increased earning potential and develop chemical free
cultivation practices

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