Vermicomposting In Waste Management

Hello. this is Beckham Thompson and
recently I collaborated with Jerome, Jerry, Emily, and Kenlee. We worked
on a project about waste management For you to really be able to understand our
slides, first we need to tell you about vermicomposting. Vermicomposting is
when different species of worms are used to decompose organic materials. You can
use vermicomposting and specially designated bin, or even in your backyard. The image on the left is not a good example of vermicomposting. They’re just letting the fruit sit there and rot. However on the right, they are showing an example of
actual vermicomposting. They’re letting the worms filter through
and get the good nutrients back into the soil. Next is waste management which is a proper disposal of waste. From the collection all the way to when they properly dispose of the waste in the
right place. On this slide you see some examples of the people who collect the waste. The waste management symbol is a symbol of the workforce of the people
who make sure the waste gets collected and put it in its proper places. Now you
might be wondering, what does waste management have to do with vermicomposting? Well, the answer is many of the things in your house can be put in a vermicomposition bin such as your eggshells and many other things (you can also use banana peels and lettuce) that is a big part of waste management. Yet again this is Beckham Thompson and again recently I work with Jerome, Jerry, Emily, and Kenlee on this waste management presentation. Thank you for watching this video. For more videos like this, check out my channel and subscribe!!

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