VermisTerra History and EarthWorm Farm Tour with Dr Dawson

You can see – inside of their stomach? Yes, in the sun. They don’t like sunlight. Yeah, he’s getting mad he’s like put me back Today we’re taking a guest Dr. Art Dawson on a tour of our VermisTerra worm farm Dr. Dawson is a plant scientist. He helps with farming food safety and packing of fruits and veggies He’s even worked with clients like Dole and Sunkist Now it’s a windy day. So we’re going to hear the microphone pick up on that Working…. busy. They don’t want light Even this chunky piece, they’ll eat em out too Need lots of worms to work In the beginning you can see the mites and everything. mm hmm Yeah Then, you won’t feel there’s any bad smell. No; that’s clean Yeah, so like this… This is palm fiber Nobody wants to use this for compost They have a high protein coat so they have high nitrogen in this and the only way is worms have the good bacteria, they can release it out. Turn it to fertilizer. I didn’t know that Yeah, so this looks like bad trash. And this is good stuff. Lot’s of nitrogen here. They have 1 to 2 pounds of worms in one square feet. That’s a lot of worms Yeah, in one year we move it to the pile. Fifty thousand cubic yards of worm castings Eleven years old. Minimum seven There’s Mindy jogging up the trail Eleven years of worm castings. Curing away ready to go to the garden. These worm castings will be screened and filtered. And fines will be put into bags and sent to the nursery Even in hot summer, they never dry out. It’s moist in there. Yes it has good moisture all the time Has no smell 10 years. That’s amazing to me. Yeah So let me get this from you again Tell me if I’m right. The worm eats the vegetative material that you give him. Yeah and when the worm poops out his waste, That poop is coated with protein And that protein is what gives this material its nutrient value. Yeah And that protein is nanometer size In order to get as big as we see it today, the proteins are aggregated together in clumps to make nice granules just like we see today. Yeah So your pellets come with no filler, no adhesive? No. All pure. All pure. And when you put it in a bag and sell it in a bag.. Yeah No filler, No adhesive. No. All pure. Yeah, all pure. So natural bacteria in the soil attacks that protein in the worm poop And that’s what feeds the bacteria. Which in turn feed your plant Yeah. That’s a beautiful story. That is a system. By the system That’s a beautiful story I think It’s hard to find good .. potting soil. Right So this is good potting soil. I believe potting soil that’s not really good.. if you blend with worm castings. That soil will get better This is a really big key to make home owners happy We have lots of cases where home gardening people.. they really want to grow some tree and flower in their backyard. They get the castings and tea.. Next year, everybody gives feedback. They say my soil is totally changed! I have really easy grow, and the tree uptakes and grows good. The problem is everybody has soil problems. So we can fix that. We can fix that.. and Easy to do So this is worm tea right? How many gallons? 275 doscientos setenta y cinco usted habla español muy bien señor (you speak Spanish very well sir) * laughter * Yup, it’s got the stink Yep, smells like the real deal You gotta have the funk to have the flavor. There you go!

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  1. This is great to see the Vermisterra history! My 10lb. bag of Premium worm castings just arrived in the mail today. Woohooo!! Thank you and your Uncle Steve! ✌🌱🐝🐛🥦🥬🥒🥕🌽🍆🍓

  2. I didn't find the wind as bad as the volume of the music, but combined I had to turn off the volume and turn on the captions.

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