Vigro of Gizatec; the favourite fertilizer in potato fertilization. Emad Abdelgaleel, Daltex

In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful Eng. Emad Abd Elgaleel works in the largest potato company in the middle east in all potato types we used Gizatec fertilizers Vigro did very good job, Vigro Nitrogen substitutes ammonium nitrate Vigro Magnesium, Vigro Iron Vigro Zinc Giza CaB Vigro Calcium and all these specialty fertilizers we add with adequate quantities According to the life cycle of the plant and according to soil types, variety, and required specs we have got very good results. and that on vegetative growth Ma Sha Allah, excess of yield and homogeneity no chemical (fertilizer) residuals in plant analysis very good sizes and very high yield overall it was very good.

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