Waiting For The Call, Did ICSI Work to Fertilize My Egg?

you’ve heard the expression like running
on fumes I’m like running on faith like which is one step beyond fumes and I woke
up at 6:20 and I’m thinking well the clinic opens at 8:00 like go back to
sleep and I couldn’t go back to sleep and then 8 o’clock came and I’m like why
aren’t they calling 9 o’clock 9:30 I think I just gotta been put on
the shirt and blue it was like are you ok and I was like I’m just waiting for
the call and he was like well your shirt says faith trust and bam you know so I
was like hey now I put it on as a reminder and so yeah they ain’t calls
like 11:56 hi thanks for clicking on simply Tanika
I am Tanika if you are new here welcome hit that subscribe button let’s hang out
a while if you are returning welcome what’s that fertility BAM we got to do
what let’s get those babies ladies good
morning fertility Samurai good Saturday whatever November 24th I think what and
I’ve not heard from the clinic it is like 11:30 I just reread my instructions
and I was not meant to get a call yesterday it says fertilization will be
given the next day so I’ve got on my shirt you guys can see that faith trust
and baby dust and I’m just gonna relax and have a normal day let me see if I
can talk blue into making some pancakes he doesn’t know it yet but um yeah just
relaxing and watching more Christmas movies is on the order of the day but as
soon as I hear from the clinic I will let you guys know I’m hoping that later
I hear the better the news that means my little M baby is fertilized and growing
and doing everything that I prayed for oh my god you guys you know what kind of
insane breakfast you get to have when you’re waiting for the embryologist to
call it gets no sirs to go I guess I’m having some pie that’s pumpkin pie with
cranberry on top and it’s got the gingersnap crust and walnuts cranberry
compote all made from scratch right here in this kitchen by two lovely people
that you know having a slice is that anybody who’s coming for me because I
don’t know pumpkin I mean because I’m having pumpkin and not so you potato
don’t come for me today I’m waiting on the embryologist to call
don’t don’t don’t do me like that anyway that’s what I’m having and the
slice of wheat bread with peanut butter don’t worry it is organic um I’m not
losing my mind the pie is organic as well and I’m having coffee with cream
and honey which that’s remarkable because I normally can’t have cream on
honey because I’m in a written fasting and so
in the morning I can’t spike my insulin so I usually just have black coffee this
is decadent this is decadence right here technically
about this we have caffeine it says on my discharge papers that’s okay I’m just
having a little this is actually better than what the cheese out was I thought I
was gonna love the cheese out a little more than I did
and all I could think about was it’s in t calories it wasn’t even amazing but we
did later have some cards crackers and some really nice cheese that we just
sliced up and ate cheese and crackers which was amazing but the nachos was did
not hit the spot like I thought but anyway this is what I’m having this is
my breakfast I’m gonna give you a close-up just so you fully appreciate it
there it goes yeah there my crust is getting a little moist but it’s um it is
a gingersnap crust look at that yummyness so I’m going to enjoy that at
11:36 not that I’m minding the time blue was just having coffee
if you wonder he’s been super responsible he also thinks it’s a good
sign that we haven’t heard from the embryologist that it’s everything that’s
going well and they’re working on it whatever that means hello this is this
Amy with you Wednesday night how are you okay okay and what do i descend there
it’s gonna call me to schedule it out okay and what is that for okay does the embryo get a crate or
how’s it looking or is it should I just gotcha
okay awesome this is great news thank you so much okay okay I feel so much memory that’s all I
said I’m gonna eat my breakfast nymphets hey fam alright I finally made it out of
the house on my way to Z chemist to pick up the prescription it’s downtown on
59th Street which usually I’m that walk when I get the call so they will deliver
it for free or if I need it at home it’s $15 I didn’t even ask if they would
deliver because blue lives so far uptown and I figured the fresh air would be
good for me as well so it gets me out of the house there is more cramping than I
thought there would be but it’s okay I think circulation is good my abdomen
uterus still feels kind of full heavy so I’m definitely gonna need hot water
bottle on it when I get back today I just say hot water bottle like it was a
pet I’m going to need a hot water bottle on it when I get back or the hot water
bottle so yeah I just wanted to check in with you guys I will update you Hey BAM
big trust and baby dust still in full effect over here I made it back from the
pharmacy I’m all good there it’s um it’s nice out it was like a nice autumn day
not to make tourists it was crisp like took my head off after a while and my
gloves after I moved around the good thing was the weather but not so good
thing was the cram penis that I thought so I’m definitely after I finish this
video gonna put the hot water bottle back on my abdomen area and see if I can
get that to calm down I have the prescription so it’s methyl prednisone
cretin prednisone which is a steroid it’s an anti-inflammatory so that is to
calm my uterus time you guys harder it is to help with implementation as the
doctor said this morning and then I have my
for gesturing that I start tonight according to my post retrieval discharge
instructions I take the first producer of this evening
one two hundred milligram cap I take it vaginally and I have this lovely little
insert that I’m going to use and then tomorrow which is Sunday I start taking
it one badger only three times a day so that we have going on there and then the
daxing cycle and I will continue I just have one more I need to get my dinner
going on and that’ll be my last doxycycline which is the antibiotics so
that’s tight that medicine front and how I’m feeling I just want to quickly go
through kind of where I am in the discharge instructions or in the phases
I go there definitely is still light spotting yesterday there was it was I
would say red spotting and today it’s kind of like brown and it’s lighter as
far as volume it’s not as much as I was yesterday and yesterday it was really
only when I wiped I would see it wasn’t like coming out on its own so yeah I
could see it on the baby wipe they recommended bland diet yesterday they
were from alcohol and obviously all medication what is it non prescription
prescription drugs and less approved so that was yesterday I didn’t take
anything so none of the supplements not even the prenatal I did not take no
cigarettes no caffeine no artificially sweetened foods and beverages so I
didn’t have any of that I did have coffee today but I’m past the bland
today so I only had one cup it says rest today which was yesterday I was in a
resting phase yesterday it’s avoid excessive exercise and heavy lifting
refrain from driving and important decision makes like did that after today
which was yesterday light exercise is fine no high impact the vigorous
workouts until advised otherwise so I just did the walking it was a brisk walk
I am a New Yorker now definitely no more than that because I could feel like just
the heaviness bathing showering is fine they recommend to avoid swimming pools
bathtubs hot tubs and saunas like a sauna because it’s open down there where
they poke through to aspirate the follicles so sexual relations refrain
from intercourse now into the first blood pregnancy test
if the pregnancy test is positive and of course may be resumed once a fetal heart
where heartbeat is detected so that’s like five six seven weeks I think I was
10 weeks last time and we hadn’t heard the heartbeat and obviously that wasn’t
a viable pregnancy but I think she started looking at like seven or eight
weeks so that could be a minute for no sex obviously if the blood test is
negative and of course maybe resumed medications tylenol actually said
tylenol for cramping the doxycycline which I said I took 100 milligrams that
day one in the morning and the evening so I took one of the day before our
transfer in the morning and in the evening so – but one of the morning one
of the evening the day before transport and I couldn’t take any anything by now
before the oh my god transfer what am I saying I’m seeing into the future I took
the day before retrieval I took one in the morning and I took one in the
evening and then the day over to where I couldn’t take anything by them out
before the retrieval so after the retrieval the afternoon I took another
doxycycline and then last night I took the second boxing cyclone today I had
one and I have one more so I’ll finish those and then that’s all the doclet
doxycycline that they have given me and then tonight I start the progesterone so
I have that and then tomorrow is the 200 so that’s kind of it medication should
be continued until the blood cells for pregnancy and possibly thereafter if
beta HCG is positive do not stop any medication until
instructed to do so so I think because I’m out the doxy cycle of that indicates
that I have been instructed to do so yeah I took 100 milligrams so I took 200
a day of the boxes and then a follow-up care you’ll receive a phone call
tomorrow which was today regarding fertilization results and then
scheduling information regarding chance for may be given at a later date so
we’re kind of on embryo watch now like day by day I expect to get an update so
tomorrow something will call me and say yes it’s
growing well or whatever it’s going along with it it’s going extremely well
it’s a little slow I think they’ll make a decision tomorrow they’re gonna
transfer on Monday or not so today it’s officially day one yesterday was day
zero tomorrow will be day two so I expected day two and I’m guessing a day
three you report like they’ll call me and then they’ll decide yes you need to
come in now after they give me the report I think they have to sort of like
a look at it first I don’t think they’ll schedule me so luckily I have Monday off
and then yeah so I’m also going to start my Bramall Lane tonight since they’re
having me start the progesterone tonight and I’ll have my Brazil nuts and then I
gotta figure out my pineapple situation because I’m superstitious I want to get
my pineapple core there’s a whole fluid that delivers up here to a Blues house
so I’ll probably have that delivered and yeah that’s kind of it I think as far as
like how I’m doing how I’m feeling I know I pushed it a little bit on
Instagram just saying like the retrieval is done I’m okay I’m feeling fine and
then I posted one saying we have fertilization and I know everybody’s on
you know how many because they asked and I just can’t talk about it right now so
I’ve just told everybody like I will tell the whole story once I know the
ending and I guess by the time of this post I will already know what the ending
is but I can’t what I’m worried about is that there will be feedback that I am
just too fragile to handle right now like I am so you’ve heard the expression
like running on fumes I’m like running on things like which is one step beyond
fumes it’s like I should not be going right now and so I can’t I can’t get
into the conversation on people to say like you only need one or hang in there
oh why didn’t you get enough like whatever the feedback is I
and not monitor it right now I have no filter I’m too raw too emotional I am on
a tight rope walking across the biggest river of my life and I just have to keep
going I have to keep my eye on the prize and move forward I can’t stop and have
conversations about did the breeze I almost blow you off or what was it like
that last step of your tightrope like I just have to get to the other side and
then once I’m on the other side I’m happy to like talk all about it at
nauseam and I’ll probably do like one single video that kind of recaps the
whole journey but I am a vlogger so I’m vlogging this part of it but yeah so I’m
not being evasive when I say I will tell you all at once
I just emotionally I know I can’t handle it right now so thank you for your
patience and your understanding with me and I think those of you who have gone
through this process probably know kind of what that feels like it just yeah its
stats and it feels you know it’s just stats and I can’t I can’t be worried
about the statistics right now I am NOT on the sidelines like eating popcorn and
watching this movie I am living it right now and so I just have to get through it
I have to get through it and I am prayerful and I’m hopeful and I can’t
I’m leaning like I said a hundred percent on faith right now I can’t go
into what people think what they hope what they feel I just asked for an
appreciate continued prayer and uplifting and then we can talk about all
the details and the statistics and the possibilities or not later on so thank
you for that thank you for your understanding thank you so much for your
prayers and support and love and for those of you who have reached at home
gone through this I appreciate all of your words of wisdom so much I had no
idea I had no idea this is what it was like even watching so many videos and
talking to so many people like the angst and people say it’s hurry up and wait
but you don’t get it like this morning I woke up at 6:20 and I’m thinking well
the clinic opens at 8:00 like go back to see
I couldn’t go back to sleep so then I started like editing and working on
YouTube stuff and then 8 o’clock came and I’m like why aren’t they calling it
9 o’clock 9:30 I think I just got up and put on the shirt and was like are you
okay and I was like I’m just waiting for the call and he was like well your shirt
says faith trust and baby dust I was like I know I put it on as a reminder
and so yeah they ain’t calls like 1156 and so that was just the longest morning
ever and luckily it was good news it was good news I was praying and I kept
saying hopefully no news is good news but I said that yesterday when I thought
oh maybe they were gonna call but I didn’t look at the report they were I
mean the discharge papers and they were never meant to call until today so that
was like an extra Hanks so read your paperwork know what your timeline is so
that way you don’t give yourself extra anxiety yeah it’s just some things are
not gonna be easy phone calls these are not gonna be easy phone calls and
luckily the doctor did not keep me awaiting this morning she said straight
away we have good news and I was like oh my god thank God um so tomorrow I’ve gotta wait for that
phone call see what the update is is the so you know is the embryo to say embryo
is the embryo dividing and is it how is it looking and like is it fragmented or
not fragmented or you know all those little details that you can read about
it and understand like from a data perspective but you can never fully
appreciate what it will feel like until you until it’s yours it’s not just some
cells in a dish like that’s my baby in that dish how is it tweaked and I feel
confident that it’s my DNA that I’m like I know it will be a fighter I know it
will be a survivor and that God is watching over it but it’s nice when the
confirmation comes in if that makes sense it’s nice and the
confirmation comes in because I just felt in my heart that that little one
was going to fertilize but I needed to hear it
to know for sure then maybe that’s what blind faith does you don’t need to hear
you don’t need to see it maybe I just need to know maybe I just need to say
Monday it’s chance for day and act accordingly that’s something I don’t
think that’s blind faith so yeah monday is transfer day tomorrow I’m
going to get an update on how fabulous my little embryo is growing how great
it’s looking how well it’s progressing and that it is working to be reunited
with mommy and it knows that mommy is waiting oh I thought I’d just say it
that felt good yes come on little one mommy is waiting for you all right on
that note I’m going to find some food because mommy needs to eat and I will
talk to you tomorrow I hope you were well again thank you so much for all
your well wishes and prayers and love and Good Vibrations I send it all right
back I felt it all I can’t even express to you how it’s lifted me up especially
in these last 72 hours especially these last 70 jobs I mean we went from
Wednesday where the doctor was like yeah are you sure you want to go through with
us to today we have a fertilized embryo so God is good god is good ladies so
talk to you later bye mmm baby s to us

39 thoughts on “Waiting For The Call, Did ICSI Work to Fertilize My Egg?

  1. Oh wow. I’m so relieved and elated for you. You definitely have a fighter in there. Sending you all the baby dust and a great Monday transfer πŸ™πŸΌπŸ™πŸΌπŸ™πŸΌ.
    You’re right about not worrying about statistics at a time like this. You’re in it to win it and so is your embababy. I totally get the angst and I’m sending extra positive calming vibes 🧑🧑🧑

  2. I went thru IVF 14 years ago it is a lot to go thru thank you for vlogging your experience I’m praying for you and baby

  3. What a lovely way to start Saturday morning with the food and Ms Anita Baker 😁.
    Yay!!!! Your egg fertilized πŸ‘πŸΎπŸ‘πŸΎπŸ‘πŸΎ
    Thank you for going through your post retrieval protocol.
    I like that you had a game plan in place for your emotions during this time. We respect your decision and admire your strength.πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•
    Grow embryo, growπŸ™πŸΎπŸ™πŸΎπŸ™πŸΎ
    Wishing you all the best.

  4. Yes Faith is blind… It is all about the unknown… When no information is coming through….. Proud of you lady❀… I noticed with miracles..God removes quantity for quality so He gets all the glory… One is all you need!!! Much Love.. Happy for you

  5. I’m praying for you Tamika! I’m also from NYC , 43 yo and moved to Florida . It’s not covered by insurance here even the meds. I supposed to have my egg retrieval next week , but my RE saw only 1 follicle , he said that he advised not to continue because he only saw 1 follicle on day # 7 of stims ( Gonal-f 450 with HCG 20Units) , he needed at least 3 follicles and advised me not to go on and save our money for an egg donor cycle , but I will be coming back for another u/s on Monday to see how many follicles ! I’m praying it will be more this Monday ! By the way , did you take birth control pills before the stims ? Baby Dust!

  6. Sis God is good πŸ’œI was like yes Amen!!! when I heard the words fertilized ❀God is so good !
    Oh p.s. got an appt with CNY Jan 23rd with an RE 2019 love and hugs my dear xo

  7. You did Hew 11:6 "Without faith it is impossible to please HIM"! You had it (faith) and spoke it many times. So that faith pleased GOD. Now you got to follow Philippians 4: 6-7 " Do not be anxious about anything, by prayer and petition with thanksgiving, present your request to GOD and the peace of GOD which transcends all understanding, will guard your heart and your minds in Christ Jesus. I dealt with epilepsy for 14 years and when I finally laid it at HIS feet, the right meds and HIS healing power gave me my ability to drive again. I was told due to my age some years ago my chances of having children were only going to be with a surrogate. Even recently I was told I have a not mobile uterus with a lot of scaring. I am finally laying it ALL at HIS feet.

  8. I literally yelped when she said I have good news! my hubby was like are you ok? I said yes better than good it firtilized. He just looked at me like I was crazy pants. Then I explained and he was excited too! We are both rooting for your little one!!! Get some rest. Take care of yourself. Love ya! Praying for you!

  9. Hello, i have been following you thru my journey..mine became rocky… Today they said my right side is at 11..and left at 6.. I am almost out of meds..and my Insurance got maxed out.. πŸ™ i need 2 more gonal-f rff inj 900… And 8 vials of menopur… If you have or anyone has any they dont need..please help!!!.. πŸ™

  10. Yay grow baby grow!!!πŸ™πŸ‘ What an interesting, scary crazy ride IVF is. I can't imagine what you're going thru. I can only cheer you on from the sidelines.

  11. God is good indeed! Though I’m going through my problems with insurance and the fact that I don’t live in a state that mandates fertility (even with BCBS) Which felt like a huge slap in the face. You have definitely kept my state of mind at peace. When WE ( Because I felt the very excitement and joy) got fertilization confirmation, I couldn’t stop smiling and thanking God for his works. Thank you for being a spokesperson for this fertility battle, and shedding light at the end of the tunnel. Weeping endurith for the night, BUT JOY COMETH IN THE MORNING ! πŸ’«

  12. I just watched….How wonderful the baby is fertilize…..and your breakfast is perfect for the good news…Wow thank you for sharing

  13. That breakfast is straight HEAVEN!!!!!!!!!! Yummy!!!!!!!!!! πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
    Congratulations on the embryo. You are so inspiring. I'm not pregnant… yet. I decided to take a break from ttcing and I'm using this time for me and my partner to get healthy.

  14. Omg I totally dropped a tear of joy! I’m so happy for you Tanika πŸ€—πŸ€— As soon as I heard her say it fertilized I just gasped! I knew it would! Sending loads of baby dust ✨

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