WALL GARDENING with green pea plants (with english subtitle)

Hello These are 4 inch size tree pot With the help of these tree pot I will cultivate green peas on wall these materials are cinder I am applying these cinder on the bottom of the pot so that the soil doesn’t goes out from the drainage hole The composition of the soil I am using composite of 60% normal soil 20% compost 20% small wooden particles now the green peas seeds are directly embedded in the soil after 18 days some plant are still not shown up with the help of a wire I am hanging the net on the wall along with the net I am placing the pots this is after 28 days now see the seedlings are growing fast after 35 days these are mustard cake dust I am adding half tea spoon of this dust with each pots apart from this after 20-25 days with a interval of every 8 days mustard cake solution with water need to be applied I am continuing this process from after 20 days After 55 days fruits have started growing once the peas are read for consumption need to be plucked the amount you pluck the more peas will grow but upto a certain period of time this is after 60 days Thank you

100 thoughts on “WALL GARDENING with green pea plants (with english subtitle)

  1. Abhinandan for this video.can we get seeds of this green peas which has a special property of scraper.in which season it is planted ?

  2. I was borned and grown up in a village so i was having my own garden when i was just 18,at the river side..i used to grow different kinds of veg and flowers and i swear peas grow better in clay soil…

  3. Please tell us which seeds can be sown in what season. Like what is the right time to grow green peas.

  4. Can you please tell us how to make mustard cake solution? And how many seeds did you plant in a single pot? Thanks and regards.

  5. Halder-Ji kindly use Indian music on your nice videos. After all you are an INDIAN Gardener…and proud to be Indian, hena? 🙂

  6. ধন্যবাদ ভাই, আপনার পরামর্শ গুলো আমার খুব ভাল লাগে।

  7. dada je kono sobji te ba foler gase ki sorasori sorishar khoil er guro deya jabe ba sathe pani ki poriman mishiye dite hobe pls janaben. ami bangladesh theke jante chaichi.

  8. Good video. Can u please tell us the season for growing it and does it need more sunlight. As every time the plant will die after a week or 2 of sprouting. I plant it in my balcony.

  9. অনেক অনেক সুন্দর এবং উপকারী।
    দাদা খৈল কদিন আগে ভিজিয়ে রেখে জল গাছে দেয়া যাবে?

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