warframe dojo deco. Garden B.

hello. :p This is a video of Garden B that I noticed. We can go through the gate and garden A. Of course, we can go straight to the transporter. There are two laboratories on each side. There is an intuitive fluorescent display that points the way. In any case, this is a walking self-propelled artillery. The formula number is a parody of the K-9 Thunder. And why is it named Postman? This is why. Death delivery service. 100% guarantee. The interior is dark and narrow because you’ve used objects a lot in a narrow space. Pobber is operating instead of people. The next video is Garden C. Thank you for watching.

4 thoughts on “warframe dojo deco. Garden B.

  1. Awesome video, and I have 1 question. How do you get decorations to overlap easily? I can't manage to get it to work in my dojo.

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