We Found The SHADOWLESS GHOST’S GRAVE | HAUNTED Cascade Gardens, Australia

that’s a grave is here somewhere we’re
filming right underneath him did you hear voices down there guys what was that Is this where you wanted your grave to be placed? Oh, there he is! Holy crap this place is on fire!
Hi Cryptkeepers thank you for tuning in to Amy’s Crypt today I am at the Cascade
Gardens in Queensland Australia to check out and investigate a very unique
haunting one that you probably haven’t heard of before so stay tuned Cascade Gardens is a picturesque park in
Queensland Australia that holds a dark secret
it contains the grave of a well-respected man and also his ghost
Richard ‘Neddie’ Harper died in 1896 and was after interred at this waterfront
park his ghost is often cited in the afternoon Sun distinct forecasting no
shadow and donning 19th century clothing we decided to visit the notorious
cascade gardens to attempt to capture sight of Neddie or communicate with his
spirit alright so this place is right next to the river and there’s going to
be fish or some kind of like wildlife in here good something just jumped out oh
can you see the fish oh yeah I can see this heaps in there there is all right you guys know I
always get a super excited about animals here on Amy’s Crypt even little fishies
but this parks actually so beautiful I think we should have a look around and
it’s kind of interesting and unique because it’s not often that you come to
a haunted location that’s as beautiful as this one so what’s really interesting
about this place is the ghost is said to be seen around like the late afternoon
time so I’ll go Ned Harper has been seen kind of jogging exercising around
here and you know there are people around so if you saw someone exercising
at a beautiful place like this you probably wouldn’t think twice about it
but this guy he doesn’t cast a shadow and he’s usually seen in like late 19th
century kind of clothing and I’ve just been just scoping everyone out you know
I’m just looking at everyone everyone I’ve seen seems to be casting a shadow
and they don’t really look old-fashioned or old-world or anything like that the
Sun is starting to set so this is the time that his apparition is normally
seen but yeah nothing out of the ordinary
really the whole shadow casting things a bit weird there’s no custom sugar yeah
but it’s really smoky at the moment there’s actually a lot of brush fires in
the Queensland area where we are at the moment so everything’s just covered in
your smile yeah you can see like just film this randomly
he does have a shadow so I don’t know what we could do to draw Ned out like
maybe you could do some little exercise routine yard making then feel more at
home and more comfortable to come out do some star jumps or something now drop
and give me 20 around Ned come and show this guy up
show you how to do it and show him how to touch his toes so who else cannot
touch their toes leave a comment to show jared support what is that alright I
don’t think this is where yeah I don’t think this is working alright so don’t
feel like a little experiment with charts where I can’t really drew Ned
Yost out but I have heard that Ned’s a grave is here somewhere I actually don’t
know where it is so we’re gonna go explore a little bit more see if you can
track it down and find it and of course we’re gonna keep our eyes peeled for Ned
himself and his shadowless ghost now there’s something right on top of this
hill just above that certainly looks like a grave I don’t know that it is so
we’ll just go up and see what it is this does say that this area is a chapel
I know that a lot of people get married here maybe that’s part of the chapel I don’t
really know we actually have founder guys this is actually his great
so this part marks the resting place of Richard Nettie Harper 14 nottingham
england 1828 died aged 88 years on february 11 1896 he came from the tweet’
district to establish a wolf at Wolf Road Decatur for boats using the Narain
Narain rivers to reach a settlement at Narang nettie Harper’s grave marks
aboriginal camping ground of the people with whom he lived and who’s a language
he spoke fluently I’m actually so excited that we just found this grave so
I heard that Ned was a very influential and respected person in the community
and it certainly seems so that he is buried here with this big marker and a
plaque and what was really cool about him was he worked in close proximity
with the indigenous australians of this area and that’s really really cool to
see i didn’t even know that he spoke their language fluently so that’s
awesome good on you ned now the other thing is we go to a lot of these places
and hear all these ghost stories and sometimes they’re just you never know if
there’s any truth that they’re based on but this is nice to know that Ned Harper
was an actual person she is buried here so there’s some somewhat a truth with a
little piece of history behind this haunting here guys I want to go a little
bit off road because there are so many big beautiful bats here I’d love to get
one flying for you but there is a ton of them hanging out on these trees up here
zoom right in I’ll probably be able to show ya see them all this so beautiful we just spotted another jogger he has a
shadow or so I think Ned appears as like an elderly man so not that guy guys have
been driving around the gardens like a mad woman because I really want to find
where the bats are and we’ve got him pretty darn close oh we stretch these
wings here got him alright guys now we’re just gonna hang
out wait around see if we capture the site of Ned and yeah once it gets dark
we’ll do some paranormal investigations and kind of sent to them around his
grave oh my god so guys we just got back to the haunted location and noticed a
fire truck pulled up and there’s actually a fire in there as well I hope
all the bats are okay because that’s right where they were that’s I can’t really tell how bad it is it
looks bad well I’m zoomed in right now and I can
see definite glow maybe I can see flames I can’t really
tell to be clear out the way well we’re not in the way right now are we I don’t
really know we didn’t have a vote
we should stay out of their way I think like we should definitely I don’t think
we’re in their way here so I don’t know there’s two trucks here so it must be
pretty bad and there is a whole bunch of like bushfires going on in the area so
how do you think that would be related because we’re in like an area called
Surfers Paradise and it’s pretty beat up like there’s skyscrapers just behind us
and that so I don’t know it must have been that bad because that area is quiet
it would become quite contained but just put the light up and see if it’s still
glowing right now so it looks like it’s died down they’re going here pretty quick yeah
well we were sitting in the car we didn’t even realize like and then we got
out and was like holy crap this place is on fire you know because we were supply
truck pulling up Oh like what’s going on so I hope everything’s okay all right
guys we just made it back into Cascade Gardens and it’s obviously dark it’s
nighttime just an update on the fire it really grew really quick as you guys saw
and then the fire ease came and then it was over within a few minutes they did
such a good job cleaned that up and like kind of left I’m not sure what was on
fire what caused it where it came from like we we feel so bad because we were
sitting in the car we didn’t even notice anything kind of had started and then we
got out of the car to start filming and my trucks rolled up so I really don’t
know what the deal was there but we’re gonna stop investigation right now so we
just found a little spider friend guys which is great huh we’re filming we’re
right underneath him on the grave and it looks like he’s coming down with his
frickin web what the heck stay there did a spider friend I say we
stand on the other side of the grave so you can see it here there’s the grave
right there is what are you doing night all right let’s do this the cap was all
going off in the box yeah now one of them’s turned on I left it on last night
but it was just going off on its own so I just sent out three the concat bowls
but basically the motion sensors so if they get touched at all like you guys
just saw like this they light up like so so I say that we just pull out
and see if any of these light up if anyone’s around and want to interact
with us alright since I’m on this plaque here that is referred to as Nettie I’m
gonna refer to him as that also hi my name is Amy and I’ve come here with
Jared and we’ve come here specifically to talk to Nettie we’ve heard that you
really like this part there guys thank you for doing that if that’s you Nettie
if you do want to talk to us can you light up any of the other two balls that
haven’t flashed yet all you need to do is walk close to them and touch them
we’ve come here just to talk to you we’ve traveled very far to come and
visit there is a little bit of traffic noise
guys but finally have that too much as a public park I pop in one of the trees then Oh hon I
think it’s a full moon pretty darn nice team I’m kinda just see that for the
treason it’s not quite full full moon both hunting season I don’t know that was someone
because I’m hot that’s a great actor Neddie Neddie i I’ve been told that
you’ve done a lot of work with the local communities here if that’s true and
that’s something that you’re enjoyed and that you’re proud of can you come around
your grave and just light up any one of these balls all you need to do is touch
them someone will hunt us out
you see that – they have a shutter I don’t know if they’ve seen us yet he’s gonna walk past
the streetlamp up here so maybe we didn’t say we cast a shadow yeah he’s got a shower yeah there is guys he’s got a shadow he also had like
an iPhone so out of it that the ghosts were looking for now sorry that we keep
getting distracted we really did just come here to talk to you you know what I
might do because it is getting quite loud here I think I’m gonna pop out the
spirit box and we’ll give that a whirl and see if you get any words free that
might be meaningful to Nettie I feel like he’s like Ned Flanders thank you
okay so I’ve just sat on the floor hoping I don’t get bugs bite in my butt
or anything but we’re gonna try spear books right now okay this is a spell box
in front of Richard Neddy Harper’s grave in the Cascade
gardens in Queensland Australia hi my name is Amy and I’m here with George and
I’m hoping to talk to the spirit of vanetti Harper if you are around you don’t have to be
afraid of us we have come to visit you and we visit you with the greatest
respect we understand that you see in this area so believe that maybe you
might still be here and maybe you’re looking for someone to talk to if you
are can you please come and say hello you can use this device in my hands to
talk to us nettie are you able to say your name for
me just so that I know that you are here with us can you tell me a bit about the
work that you did here nettie honor that you are well respected
here in the community it this way you want to be a brave to be can you tell me
about the work you did on the bridge you say one of our names for the speaker
I’m Annie and I was Jarrod okay Nettie I’m gonna go now unless you
can come through and say a word to me thank you we really didn’t seem to be
getting too much up at the grave so I thought all would do would be to come
and do like a loop around than at all track that’s here and just run ghost
tube and see if we get anything free so all of the ghost sightings of Ned
haven’t actually been at his grave but kind of around the gardens here so I
mean you guys have probably seen this before but I’m just hitting record now
on a ghost obsession so you guys are gonna see some readings come up on the
screen it might be able to get a word free if we gain certain fluctuations in
the magnetic environment which you’ll see indicated by the green bar and some
people think that ghosts can use tools like this to communicate with us and we
have had some interesting responses for a ghost tube before Ned are you around
is this where you come to exercise and just hang out I actually think that there’s a car let
me people in there I think there was like a young couple
that drive in here so I might be coming first mucho something that if you’re
around can you come really really close to the lights that are in my hands if
you do we might be able to see that your jet engine it really doesn’t make sense
a little bit random sometimes and with any gross devices guys can get super
random words free it’s the ones that seem fitting to what you are asking one
situation that we look for what is kitchen moon anything is anymore what was that and that we would really really love to
talk to you if you want to talk to us – all you need to do is come really close
to me mister going yeah thank you my idols sure investigate something
going well this kids voices down here something yeah freakin cats attacking
each other birds or something up here there’s like no playground area we have Oh
I think there’s like kids on the other side of the river yeah that’s a bit camping and they’re
not ghosts kids over so let’s scoop thank you guys so much for watching I
hope that you enjoyed this video if you did please remember to Like comment
share and subscribe can also do a bit more reading about this place or other
haunted places that I visited over on amyscrypt.com and you guys can follow
me @amyscrypt on Facebook Twitter and Instagram thanks for watching Cryptkeepers until next time

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