‘We Have a Composting Toilet’ | Wife Swap Official Sneak Peek

Kierstin and Melinda
have written a manual as a guide to the running
of their homes. The Muffley family. I am Melinda,
my husband is Michael, and we have one
very precious, little, five-year-old daughter
named Madison. We are a family of seven living
in a 360 square foot school bus. Oh my God. I’m a little nervous
about five children, but I have a feeling
they’re used to this lifestyle, and they’ll be
taking care of me. I’ve been married to Michael
for 11 years, and he is the owner
of a very successful real estate brokerage firm. I am the Director
of Brand Management and Design
for Michael’s company. I’m curious who’s taking
care of their daughter. Our way of life
is about simplicity, and we believe
that experiences and people are far more important
than things. No Gucci or Chanel,
that does not sound fun. We fly first class,
drive nice cars, have a yard keeper,
a pool keeper, a nanny, a nutritionist, and we have our pool
and lawn serviced and maintained by professionals
every Monday. What? Instead of a regular toilet,
we have a composting toilet. Sorry. We have a toilet
that flushes itself. I’m not sure I can do it,
I’ll be honest. It’s now time for the wives to meet their new husbands
and families. Hello. Hello. I’m Michael. Nice to meet you, Michael.
And you must be Madison. And you are? I’m Kierstin.
Kierstin, nice to meet you. Nice to meet you. And this is [Maddie 00:01:29]. Hello, Maddie.
It’s nice to meet you. She’s very excited to meet you. Kierstin just wears
casual clothes that I don’t really like. It’s not my style,
but I’ll deal with it. [inaudible 00:01:44]. Want me to go
show you my playroom? It’s filled with toys. She wants to go straight
to the playroom. Okay, show her the playroom. All right.
Hi, I’m Hilda. Hello. Hilda, nice to meet you. At least the playroom’s
in one piece. Wow. Why don’t we show her
your toys, baby? Oh my goodness. Oh my goodness.
Oh my goodness. Oh my goodness. The daughter has
a whole playroom full of toys. It’s just too much. Let’s go downstairs
and grab something to drink. No.
‘Cause it was hot outside. No. Okay, well why don’t you come
down when you’re ready, okay? Deal? You want to stay up here
and play for a little bit? Okay. I’ll have Hilda
come up, okay? Hmm. Welcome to our bus. Thank you. I’m Melinda. I’m Justin. Hey Justin.
Nice to meet you. Nice to meet you. This is the family. Hi. I could tell that she probably
comes from a bit of money, and she’s dressed up real nice. She has [inaudible 00:02:37]
shoes, so I hope that she brought
some more pairs of shoes. So, where are you from? We live in a school bus that’s
been converted into an RV. But you have a house. No, we got rid of our house,
have a small- So, literally, the bus
is the house. Yes.
All right. It’s everything. So, my wife’s sleeping in a bus? Yeah, I-
That’s interesting. Yeah, it’s gonna be. I can’t believe Melinda’s
gonna live in a bus. I don’t think
she can handle that. Does it have four seasons
written on the front? I wish I could see her face.
Do you have kids? We have four boys and one girl. A family of five kids, husband
and a wife in a bus? Where’s everybody fit?
We have trouble with one. This family has a group
of people who are taking care
of their child, and they still have a hard time.
So, that was very confusing. How do you make that work
with a husband and five kids? We’ve simplified a lot. This here,
is our outdoor shower. Shower.
Yes, yes, yes. Okay. So, we have this thing
right here, and we have a little shower tent
that we put right here. That outdoor shower, although
I’m sure it can be amazing, it’s a bit rustic.
Oh, yeah. Yeah, so you know,
and it’s got lots of hot water. Okay. You know, this is as
different from my life as it could possibly ever be.

100 thoughts on “‘We Have a Composting Toilet’ | Wife Swap Official Sneak Peek

  1. We have known the young woman Kirsten since she was a teenager and watched as she grew into a beautiful young woman. When she said that she puts people and experiences over things, that has always been the case. She is very successful in her own right and makes her living in the essential oil business and did well enough at it that her husband was able to quit his job and they were able to live their dream by traveling in their bus. He was a very successful video editor. Some of you may remember the Superbowl commercial several years from Dodge trucks featuring Paul Harvey "It Takes a Farmer." Her husband did the video work for the ad agency on that commercial.

  2. Oh please, we have little girls running around in crop tops and make up… I’ve heard little boys speak using nothing but profanity. This little girl is not the worst. Stop picking and choosing what you to raise uproar about 🙄

  3. the rich daughter is too spoiled ok..i can't
    I met rich people before…but this one is way way over man!!

  4. Nice rich lady, but with all that money I'd be spending it on that grill not a yardhand. Damnit. That was a little rude of me. 🙈🙊🙉

  5. She's a little brat thanks to the lack of parenting. These people believe that permissiveness is the best policy but they are wrong. They a raising a child who will make other people's lives a living hell.

  6. That should be child abuse stuffing your 5 children in a bus.

    I don't even know why the rich couple had a kid, when they just pawn her off to the nanny.

  7. Americans are so blinded.. I'm wealthy so i need Gucci chanel ect. If you become so wealthy you disconnect with your child.. wtf..is that the American dream

  8. I thought that only happened in movies. I can't believe this is real, the 5year old with several adults looking after her…That's a real thing

  9. Dad – Come downstairs and get some water
    Daughter – No
    Dad – Ok, when you're ready then.
    Daughter – Hmph.
    Dad – OK I'll send the maid up with some water.

    That man is not a dad, he's a sperm donor.

  10. I have respect for people who live in a tiny house or buses converted to a home, it helps in many way especially financially👏👏

  11. "I can't Believe Melinda's going to live in a bus!" This guy literally could not hide how happy he was to hear his wife was living on a bus hahaha. Glimmering eyes, Huge toothy smile, Rubbing his hands together menacingly.

  12. Mom needs to take some of that “Gucci & Chanel” money to the dentist & get that grill fixed 😂😂

  13. That lady is a prime example of money can’t by you beauty. Teeth all busted and shit and the funny thing is that you can actually fix that with money.

  14. People who are afraid of getting there hands dirty make me sick… 5 seconds in and i dont like this women…

  15. I love how the “rich mom” is trying to be respectful and kind about the other family's style of living although it is completely different from what she's used to 😄

  16. Both families have issues. The McCormick family have way too many children and the stress of providing for all of them became too much and they ended up on a RV bus. The Muffley family is very well-off but they are substituting wealth for things that money can't buy.

  17. What dreadful snobs! Their daughter needs to get on that school bus for a reality check…. I know which life style I prefer and it’s a brand free one!☮️🌟💟🌟

  18. If you were that rich why would you ever agree to be on this show? And then to call your daughter Madison? I feel like they are all actors.

  19. I come from a wealthy family n we never act like these assholes . Plus I grew up with 4 Brothers n my parents n like 4 dogs . It was simplified to used a wood stove house was small yet huge n spacious on inside lots of land

  20. "σн му gσσ∂иєѕѕ , σн му gσσ∂иєѕѕ , σн му gσσ∂иєѕѕ , σн му gσσ∂иєѕѕ"

  21. Very pompous family. Very fake, can't even take care of ONE kid. Even though they have money, they lack in MANY other aspects in life. Very sad

  22. shows her a horse oH mY gOoDnEsS
    shows her figurines oH mY gOoDnEeS
    shows her markers oH mY gOoDnEeS
    Clearly she doesn’t care child

  23. If you can fit a 5-piece band, a driver, a manager, a tour manager, and several other people in a bus, a family of 7 is nothing.

  24. I LOVED the outside shower! I literally took a shower outside In Arizona a few years ago during the Monsoon yes I had a bathing suit but it was AMAZING! I loved how the rain made my hair so soft! I would do it again in a heartbeat

  25. When i grew up i always a toy room ive never had to share a room but i can tell you now 😂if me or any of my siblings acted like that little girl she would slap us

  26. the rich family house doesnt look that expensive tho… more like a standard one, except the sculpture on the wall

  27. wow even them reading from laptops instead of flipping through some pages is psyching me out. this is weird

  28. with all that money and bragging about her money and lifestyle and emptiness,..why doesn't she get her teeth fixed???

  29. I cannot believe the attitude of the girl. It made me really sad she will have problems in life because she will always feel entitled.

  30. Fact. The bus folks are not poor. In fact they had very successful businesses and saved up money to live there dreams and that takes courage and gut's. He used to do video's for commercials NFL and sports and she had essentials oil business. The little brat needs a chanla beating.

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