Weeding, Soil and Seeding – Lawn Care Tips Part 1

VO: The grass isn’t always greener on the
other side! With a little regular maintenance, your lawn can be the envy of the neighborhood. VO: A healthy lawn has six basic components: VO: First thing you need to address…weeds. VO: Look at the overall health of your lawn.
If you have large areas of weeds with very little grass, it may be time to start over. VO: Spray the weeds with non-selective weed
killer and wait for them to die. Non-selective means it kills all plants, so be careful what
and where you spray. VO: If your lawn is in better shape and you
only have the occasional weed, use a selective herbicide and spot treat only the areas with
weeds VO: Once the weeds are eliminated, it’s
time to improve your soil. VO: Over time, the soil under your lawn begins
to degrade in quality. VO: Dethatch using a garden rake. VO: Start by raking your lawn vigorously to
remove thatch – the dead grass and other debris that prevents water, nutrients and air from
reaching the root system. VO: Next, aerate your lawn. VO: Aerating reduces soil compaction by poking
holes in the ground. The best option is to use a core aerator, which removes small plugs
of dirt to loosen the soil. On small yards, you can use a spike aerator. VO: Now that your weeds and soil are in check,
you’re ready to seed! VO: There are two categories of seed: warm-season
grass, like Bermuda and Centipede, and cool-season varieties, like fescue and bluegrass. Choose
the grass that’s best for your region. Lowe’s can help you decide. VO: If your lawn is in good shape, you’ll
want to over-seed, which means to evenly spread seed over the entire lawn. Check the label
to determine which spreader setting to use. VO: If you have bare patches, you’ll need
to spot seed. Loosen the soil with a rake and evenly spread seed directly on the soil. VO: Rake the seed in and tamp it down with
the end of the rake. This seed-to-soil contact is essential for germination. Spread a small
amount of mulch or straw on top for insulation. VO: Finally, keep the seeded area consistently
moist for a couple of weeks until you see the new growth. Make sure not to over-water
the area, just enough to keep it slightly wet. VO: For more on lawn care, including the best
time to seed and fertilize, visit Lowes.com/LawnCare. VO: Next up, we’ll take a look at feeding,
watering, and mowing. Want more great ideas and how-to’s? Just click to subscribe.

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