Wegmans Organic Farm: Grapes

These Worden grapes look great. They’re producing really nice clusters. They do. They have awesome color. Do you think they are ready to harvest? I think so. Bill and I are here in our vineyard, part of our orchard and Bill is our team leader here at the orchard. Hello. We just purchased this property last year so it’s something very new to us. We’ve been growing vegetables for the past 8 years and this is our first year at starting to understand organic fruit production. We have 25 different varieties of table grapes here of seeded and seedless varieties. These vines are 30 years old, so there’s a lot of history behind these vines. We’re trying to experiment with different seedless table grape varieties to see which ones work best and be able to expand on them in the future. This is part of our overall mission here at the Wegmans Farm to learn how to grow organic fruits and vegetables and pass that information on to other growers so we can source more local organic produce near our stores. Organic produce is available in season at all of our stores from the Wegmans Organic Farm and from our regional organic partner farms.

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