Wegmans Organic Farm: Kale

Andy and I are harvesting kale right now, and it really has gained a lot of popularity, for good reason. It’s high in nutrients, and it has a great flavor. It’s high in vitamin C and K and very rich in calcium. One of the biggest challenges we face growing kale organically, is the flea beetle. As you can see we use silver plastic which reflects the light which repels the flea beetle from attacking the plants. Kale’s a great cold, hearty crop here in Upstate New York, especially since we can get an early frost. The frost actually helps bring out the sweetness of the kale. And that’s really what our mission is all about, is season extension. Working with our regional, organic partner growers to source more organic produce near our stores. Andy, let’s bring this to the store. Organic produce is available in season at all of our stores from the Wegmans Organic Farm and from our regional organic partner farms.

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