Wegmans Organic Farm: Leeks

Andy and I today are harvesting leeks out in the field. You can see they are absolutely beautiful and they’re ready to go. Leeks are a great item for us to grow since they can handle our cold temperatures here in the Northeast. Even if we get a little snow on the ground we can still be out here harvesting them. As you can see these leeks are planted in a raised bed. Raised beds help with proper drainage and with good drainage it also reduces the risk of disease. Most people use them in sautés because they add a little mild onion flavor to their recipe. Leeks are a really long crop. They take 110 days so we have to get them in the ground in early spring. Once a year we have our soil tested to make sure the nutrients are at their optimal levels. And that’s why we have all of these great tasting, healthy plants. It really is a great representation of our mission for season extension. Organic produce is available in season at all of our stores from the Wegmans Organic Farm and our regional organic partner farms.

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