Wegmans Organic Farm: Peppers

Here on the farm Andy and I are harvesting our yummy sweet peppers and it truly is their name. So we’re growing three different colors here. You can see our beautiful red peppers, our yellow peppers and also our orange peppers. They’re the perfect size with very little seed cavity so they’re great for the lunchbox for the kids. This is a variety that our partner growers grow and they’ve had really great success with it so that’s why we wanted to try it here on our farm. So you can see the plants are rich with color they have a beautiful green foliage and you can really see that the fruit is developing nicely. These will be in our local stores within 24 hours. This is a great example of our mission here at the farm is working with our partner regional growers to bring more local organic produce near our stores. Organic peppers are available in season at all of our stores from the Wegmans Organic Farm and our regional organic partner farms.

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  1. They look good but is there any chance that the long sticker on the organic green bell peppers could be easier removed? I just put two in my organic chili and had to rub and scrub to try to remove the adhesive and this isn't the first time. The top layer comes off fine. The second layer ….. not so fine, I'm afraid and these peppers are not cheap. Any advice would be appreciated.

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