Welcome To The October California Garden – Gardening Tips, Advice & A Lot More!

it’s getting cool and cloudy here in
Southern California in today’s episode we look at some harvests some things to
do in your garden some great deals on gardening products and a lot more so sit
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of the California garden we will look at the harvests we made this month we have
some cool things for you to do and finally we look at some deals on
gardening products so let’s begin with the garden tour
starting with the raised beds we have the black Cobra pepper that’s growing
and I’m trying to overwinter it and right next to that we have some
brassicas basically this means cabbages cauliflowers broccoli and some other
plants and as you can see here we started these from seeds and they’re
growing pretty well right next to the cauliflower and
cabbages we have one bean plant this is the hyacinth bean plant and I’ve sowed
some radish seeds that you can see here that have germinated now some radish and
beets that are growing there and then we have some okra plants that I still kept
though it’s late in the season and you can see the pole bean plant it’s become
quite big quite tall and it’s growing on the easy trellis
on the other side we have some pea plants as you can see here some broccoli
plants that are growing they have little holes in their leaves
due to the caterpillars or worms but I usually just hand-picked them
and next to the broccoli plants we have some more radish some white radish
varieties as well as some carrots that we sowed
and on the first bed we removed all our eggplants and planted these onions these
are the white onions that produce smaller bulbs
right next to the onions we have the cauliflower plants these are some more
cauliflower plants that we were growing and you can see it there are some chili
plants that I’m trying to overwinter as well and that concludes the tour of the
raised beds let’s now move on to the containers
in the containers we have the Swiss chard plant as you can see here followed
by some more cauliflower plants and I’m gonna take a moment and zoom in to this
plant and you can see the worms the caterpillars that are sitting along the
leaf there’s one right there and you can just hand pick it and remove
it I do see a lot of these worms or these caterpillars sitting on the leaves
and they hide pretty well but you can just handpick them and remove them you
can see there are a couple more on the plant and right next to that we have our
eggplant this is the container little prince eggplant and I’ll soon have a
plant profile video on this variety it’s a pretty good variety to grow in your
garden and we have some more brassicas cabbages cauliflowers and in this
container we have some radish plants growing this is a tomato plant and as
you can see here end of the season it’s beginning to die now and we sowed some
more radish seeds in this container and there’s a cabbage plant right there we have some carrots that are growing
these were grown from seeds and finally we have the mint plant at the end
and this has been growing pretty well on the other side we have some Ivy gourd
plants there are two pots now with Ivy gourds and we transplanted our mulberry
tree into this container followed by the curry leaf plant the Golden Nugget
orange plant the orange tree that you can see here producing oranges now and
the pineapple plant which produced a lot of pineapples this season and that
concludes the tour of our containers let’s now move on to the tour of our
fruit trees we have the Dancy tangerine that’s
loaded with tangerines as you can see here and right next to that we have the
Mexican guava tree that’s producing a lot of guavas the Bears lime or the
Persian lime tree that’s loaded with limes and we have the Washington navel
oranges the Washington navel oranges are growing pretty well and producing a lot
of oranges we have the raja puri banana plant which has a lot of bananas growing
and we also have the kishu mandarin plant the kishu mandarin plant has
grown well this year and finally we have the grape plant now we did prune on a
grape plant last season so it’s not producing any grapes this year but
hopefully we’ll get grapes in the next season we also have a gem avocado tree
once again pruned very heavily this year so hopefully we will get a bigger
harvest next season so let’s now look at the harvest we made
this month beginning with pole beans now we put our easy trellis to good use by
growing the pole beans over it and as you can see here the pole beans is an
amazing producer this is the Kentucky wonder pole bean plant and it produces a lot of beans
now we were harvesting beans from this plant almost every day and as you can
see here great looking good quality beans and compared to bush beans the
pole beans not only produces good looking pods nicely sized pods but also
a lot of beans so I think if you can grow vertically on a trellis the pole
beans is a good plant to grow in your garden let’s now look at cluster beans
now this is one of my gardening failures at least in this zone here in Southern
California and I’ve tried to grow cluster beans for
at least 3 seasons now and all three times I got a very poor
yield as you can see here the beans look pretty good the cluster beans are very
difficult to grow in this zone so I don’t think I’ll be continuing to grow
cluster beans in the future cucumbers
we were growing the bush cucumber variety as some of you already know we
have been sharing our pictures for harvest on Instagram as well and as you can see here this yielded a
lot of cucumbers and it’s a pretty good variety to grow in your garden
we also harvested a lot of eggplants from our container prince eggplant which
is an excellent variety of eggplant it’s very compact and it produces these
eggplants that are relatively small in size but extremely delicious I think
this is one of the tastiest eggplants and I have eaten and as you can see here
the eggplants look very nice and it’s such a compact plant it doesn’t produce
a lot of leaves a pretty compact plant with less foliage
and a lot of eggplants that it produces see here the harvest looks pretty good
we are still harvesting eggplants in October so this is a very productive
variety the other eggplant variety we were
growing was the listada de Gandia eggplant and we were able to
harvest a lot of eggplants from this plant
as you can see here the eggplants are quite large and in October they were
abundant we got a lot of eggplants from this plant in October because the plant
was pretty well established and was producing these lovely eggplants as
you can see here now quality wise and taste-wise the
listada de gandia eggplant is okay after the entire season i can conclude that
it’s not the best eggplant that i have grown but if you’re looking for an
abundantly producing plant yes this is a good eggplant variety but next year I
might try out growing the purple eggplant the Black Beauty eggplant and
here you can see a perspective of how tall these eggplants get and they reach
to over six feet in height and as you can see here producing a lot of
eggplants we were also getting a lot of guavas
from our white Arabian guava plant as you can see here lot of ripe guavas very
ripe guavas in fact and you can generally harvest guavas before it gets
to this stage but at this stage they are extremely sweet very nice tasting you
can see here one of these guavas is slightly green and this is a fully ripe
guava we also got some harvests from our
Mexican guava variety and we have a lot of Mexican guavas growing in this plant
and we’ve begun harvesting it now our Moringa plant is full of life and as you
can see here completely loaded with flowers and a lot of pods our Moringa
plant produced a lot of moringa pods as you can see here and we are harvesting
those pods and it was almost every day that we were harvesting our moringa pods
and they just kept growing as you can see here the smaller pods will fatten up
and become pores that you see here so they start out as flowers then produce
small pods and then finally they swell up to this size
and as you can see here beautiful looking pods and you can google and find
some good recipes for moringa pods there are a lot of things you can do with
moringa pods and for those of you who do not know about Moringa it is called
The Tree of Life it is an extremely nutritious plant its leaves are
nutritious it produces flowers that can be eaten it also produces pods that you
see here that are edible so overall a great plant to grow okra we harvested a
lot of okra from our okra plants in the raised bed and since it was October and
it was beginning to cool down we added some mulch on the bed and as
you can see here beautiful looking okra we were growing a lot of okra varieties
and as you can see here this month was a month where we got a lot of okras now
the production has definitely slowed down and this will probably be the last
month for our okras but overall I was pretty happy with the way the okra grew
and we were able to harvest a lot of okras
Swiss chard this plant which can almost grow perennially in places like Southern
California in zone 10 which means that you can just plant it once and then keep
harvesting this plant they did produce a lot of good leaves as
you can see here it’s a little bit shaken up because of the winds that we
had we had some extremely strong Santa Ana winds last week but we’re harvesting
both the ruby Swiss chard as well as the green Swiss chard as you can see
here both excellent varieties of Swiss chard that have great nutritional value
tomatoes now since it’s the end of summer the tomato plant has started to
become brown and started to die which is quite normal if you did harvest too last
run of tomatoes these are the juliet tomatoes and the Juliet tomatoes are
pretty amazing they can even grow when the weather is cold even the ones that
we had on the raised bed the Juliet tomato was the only tomato variety that
we could harvest now let’s look at the things to do in
your garden you can start pruning some of your fruit trees but only the ones
that have finished producing fruits since they will be dormant going into
the winters this is a good time but if your plant is still bearing fruits
please do not prune them now just wait till the fruit production completes so
that the plant is not in shock so to prune your plant or your tree make
sure that there are no suckers growing from the sides and the bottom as you can
see here the guava plant is known to have these suckers that grow from the
bottom and you need to get rid of that you can also start planting some
vegetables like radish we are planting some radish seeds in this whiskey barrel
container and hopefully will thin this after they have grown but it’s a good
time to start your winter vegetables we are also sowing some peas along the
other side of the raised bed right next to the trellis so just like
we formed the easy trellis on the other side on the other raised bed for the
beans we also created this other trellis on the other side it’s also an easy
trellis with just a different cattle panel that we had and we just reused
that one and it made a great trellis now one of our YouTube viewer asked a
question about the Jasmine plant that they saw in the video so here is a
picture of the Jasmine plant and it’s actually our neighbor’s jasmine plant
and it’s quite beautiful now as far as gardening products go you
can find a great deal on gardening products at your local Osh or Orchard
Supply Hardware since the store is closing they have a discount of 50 to 80
percent on all their products and I did go there last weekend and I was able to
get some good deals and some gardening products so what did I end up with well
just a few things here and there but if you’re looking to buy a lot of items
that you want to keep a spare or going into the future
things like fertilizers insecticides it’s a good place to buy we wish all our
viewers a very happy Halloween have fun so there we have it folks that was our
episode on the California garden for the month of October if you like this video
don’t forget to give us a thumbs up and if you have any questions to drop them
in the comments box below we’ll see you again soon happy gardening

59 thoughts on “Welcome To The October California Garden – Gardening Tips, Advice & A Lot More!

  1. I was at the OSH in Anaheim today. The only garden related stuff we have left are irrigation supplies, some seeds, and a couple of lawnmowers. They also have gloves and boots. They are starting to sell the fixtures. They have a lot of boxes and barrels that would make great raised beds and planters. They also had a bunch of gray plastic totes for $10. I’m hoping they mark them down more before they shut down permanently next weekend.

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  7. We get tons of these cabbage Loopers, cut worms, pickle worms, aphids, spider mites, fungus and mold problems like blight and powdery mildew here in Florida. Not to mention snakes, rabbits, scorpions, alligators, coyotes. And don't forget the rats, squirrels & rabbits that eat my nicely ripened fruit. lol I just got rid of a blight infection that happened within days throughout my garden. Luckily I saved everything and have it under control now so, it's time to plant more radish, peas, green beans, lettuce, herbs and maybe a few others before winter hits..

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