Weleda Global Garden – The competition and the ‘sisterhood’ with Simone Anderson

It is Day one of Simone and I being
reunited. we are in Havelock North in New Zealand. We met on the Weleda Global garden challenge and it was absolutely amazing. 16 women from all over the world were flow to Schwabisch Gmund in Germany. Where basically this amazing little sisterhood has formed. We was so lucky, it was just like incredible friends reuniting. Really it was awesome. The exciting thing is that when I found out that I won I think it was one of the first things I said that I wish I could pack all the girls in my bag and take them on the journey with me . Weleda has made that happen. So along the journey you’re going to be seeing a lot of familiar faces. And since Simone was the
first person I met in Germany it makes sense that she is the first person you meet. We might explain a little bit of how we
actually got to be in Germany last year. Each of 16 countries decided to try and
find a national winner. There was nothing that wasn’t being shared. We were sharing everything. I’m really trying to put our best foot forward. But it was awesome. And from that point we then had to try and get people to vote. You know it’s something I wouldn’t usually do. I wouldn’t usually ask people to get online
and pick me. So we were super lucky that votes got us into the top six of our countries. And then Weleda chose the final representative from each country. Then we all met over in Schwabisch Gmund in Germany. For four days worth of workshops and seminars with experts from everything from sustainable farming
to lead plant ingredient sourcing to euthymia. You know, that sort of information was invaluable. We’ve been catching up all yesterday afternoon. We’ve really been reflecting on our time in Germany. So, Simone what were your favourite three things that came from our time? I would say my number one would have
to be meeting and connecting with 16 such different vibrant woman from all over the world. And each one bringing their own culture and their own unique experiences to a place where you felt so similar and so united. I think that was just number one for me. Number two would be learning
everything you could possibly learn about Weleda. And it made me you know,
I already loved the company and I already love the ethics behind the
company but it it made me re fall in love with the company. I had such a strong
connection with it now . I think that would be you know that would definitely be my number two. And I’d say number three would just be the experience of
traveling and quirky little things that you know we got to experience together like on out you know on our days off we could go on and on about the experiences we had and the people we met and the people we connected with. And the different foods we got to try. Everything like that. Just opening yourself up to a whole new world and a whole new experience. It was it was life-changing. It truly was. What about you? What would be your top three thing
you’ve you put me in this position? My first thought that I really loved from
the time in Germany was learning the power of opening up. Letting people in and sharing the journey. Blogging and social media were all very very new worlds to me. And I must admit that going into Schwabisch Gmund and meeting the other 15
finalists was it was pretty intimidating. I didn’t know if it would feel
like a competition or if it would be competitive or people would be super
insta-famous like Simone. But what was so cool was that it really was an inclusive and supportive bunch of girls. We did refer to it as a sisterhood like it didn’t feel like you know we were individuals after own gain it was ‘how do
we support each other’ and we already felt like we had won That’s so true. And even when we did competitions because we did writing competitions, photography competitions and a video editing competition and even during
those those times when you’ve got say a set eight hours to produce something. We were still helping each other. ‘Oh I don’t know how to do this’ and you’re
sitting down and even though you were stressed about trying to get yours done you wanted to help the person next to you. Which that doesn’t usually happen. It
was so nice. The second thing that I really took out of from the time in Germany was about the passion that so many of the staff
members that were leading our workshops had for the Weleda brand. It really felt like there was this unifying factor that sort of kept all
the staff together where they’re so passionate about the brand. They’re so passionate about the ethics behind the brand. And also about we they were
talking about the brand you literally saw their faces light up. the smiles
they couldn’t like their faces and the hand gestures everywhere. You could just tell that they lived and breathed this brand I’ve been really wanting to
make a change in my life for quite a long time to sort of be a better or better healthier me but I actually felt a bit overwhelmed I didn’t know how to
start. or yeah what to look for in products. Who to trust. Totally!
So, the fact that we’ve you know been immersed in days and now even more than that of learning about a brand that is so dedicated to wellness has really been amazing in my education of how I can take these learnings and be better
and my most vital sort of self at home I just thought I was making
good choices even if I was just being sold on the marketing. And those things I will know now. you know I’ll know yeah me too! It’s been so good catching up with Simone. We’ve got a big day ahead of us. So nice to see you again. It feels like catching up with a you’ve known forever. It does! I just can’t wait to follow
your journey and what you get up to on the next three months. I’m definitely gonna be living vicariously through you. So bring it on! I’m so glad we got to
connect again.

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