What Animal Helps the Soil?

Hi, I am Jared, and welcome to Fun Science Demos. Today we have a little mystery for you. I have three containers that are hidden under
black pieces of paper and one container that is totally open so
everybody can see. All of these containers started out looking just like this container. They had layers
of soil, sand, soil, sand, soil, sand all the
way up from top to bottom. After I had my students set up these
containers, I had them add a certain type of animal that always lives in the soil. That is the
mystery. What animal are we talking about? After
my students added those animals to each container, we covered each container in black paper
we let science happen. And three weeks later this is what we
found. Remember, each container started out
looking like this: a layer of soil, a layer of sand, soil, sand, soil, sand. Let us see what they look like now. Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh- let us zoom in and take a closer look and see what is
going on. So what do you notice? Each container
started out looking like this and now they look like this. The sand and the soil is totally mixed together. So what animal could possibly do all
that mixing? Enter the earthworm. This little guy is the big idea today. And this little guy did all of this work digging and mixing that soil. So why is
all this mixing so important? Why is the earthworm so important?
Earthworms live in the soil. That is where they get their food and
their shelter. But what else lives in the soil? Plants do. Plant roots reach deep down
into the soil. And what do plants need to live? Water
and air, and what actually helps them get that
water and air? Our friend the earthworm. Earthworms dig and tunnel deep down in the soil. Take
a look at this tunnel right here. What does that tunnel do? Well, it allows air and water to get deep down into the soil so those plant roots can get to that air
and soil. This is such a simple setup. If you
want to you can actually try this at home and see what you find. Earthworms are so
important and we do not even see them at work. But
they are hard at work underneath the soil digging and tunneling and creating healthy
soil for plants. Science is so cool and so is my friend
the earthworm. If you want to learn more about
earthworms, click on our link in the video description. Thanks for watching. Say goodbye!

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