What Does Pork From Cannabis-Fed Pigs Taste Like? — Prime Time

– We heard that there is a farmer, Dave, at Moto Perpetuo, that’s
raising pigs on cannabis leaves. W-T-F.
– What the (bleep). – Why? How? Why? How? – What does this taste like? – So, we’re gonna visit
the farm, in Oregon, and then we’re gonna head over to Chef Vitaly’s restaurant, Imperial. And try these pigs. (country music ) – So this is greenhouse two, of nine. We have Power Wreck, this is Bubba Bomb, from a dutch seed
breeder, and then that’s a lavender on the back side there. – The number one question on my mind, and I’m sure like everybody’s mind, are these pigs getting high? – [Dave] The answer to that is no, pigs actually have a very similar cannabinoid receptor system that humans do. – In order for any
minimal amount of THC that would be in this part of the plant to even be psychoactive, there’s a process that the THC would have to go through. – Harvest wise as far as when we’re generating materials for the pigs, there’s two different stages, one; these plants have been
pruned several times already, so if you just
let the plant grow wild this would be a really
full canopy it would be an insane bush there’d be a bunch of lower levels, smaller flowers, so we prune out a lot of that material and that’s what you saw
us feed this morning. Then we come in and we
harvest and we cherry pick the very best buds
you know, down about eight to ten inches
depending on the varietal, come back through, strip off all of the usable material for processing. So going to edibles, or vape pens. All of the green material
that’s left at that point is what goes to the pigs. We also take the root balls
out and that goes to pigs. They love the root balls. – How much of their diet ends up being the leftover leaves and stalks? – [Dave] I’d say by weight
it’s probably 20 to 25 percent. – Wow, how old are these plants? – Just a few months old. You can grow a 14, 16 foot
tall plant that’s twelve feet wide in a single season. – So it actually does
produce a ton of waste? – Yeah, there’s a lot of by
product in it and for us we found a way to use that, that benefits both sides of the operation. This is still cheaper
even though there’s labor involved in this process. A lot of that labor is relative to creating a higher quality flower. And then the tail end labor feeding it to the pig
is still cheaper than buying commercial commodity grain. Particularly because we would only be sourcing organic
or Non GMO grains, not your standard cheap commodity stuff. That’s part of the reason we use the pigs, is we don’t compost
this material and bring it back into the system. We’re in a legally recreational cannabis state, which allows
us to do this, but it also allows us to tell the bigger
story of an integrated farm system and how we believe
about raising our animals and producing our cannabis or
producing our vegetables. And that bigger story can be told once people are intrigued by this initial kinda novelty, right? – Yeah. – That’s the story for me. That, you know that integration. That farming, that system
that works uniquely in Oregon. – I’m not a pot farmer, I’m a farmer. And this is an active and important part of a diverse
agricultural system that works for my scale operation,
which is very small. – All right fellas, I think
we’ve got everything we need to get here for the time being. Let’s head over to Imperial
and maybe taste some of the. – Yeah – Weed piggy goodness. – Weed piggy goodness. New hashtag – New hashtag. – Yeah. (guys laughing) (country music) – So we’re here at Imperial. – Chef Vitaly, thank
you again for having us. We’re here with Chef Matthew. – Hey. – Thank you so much. So Paly’s place is the
place where it really all began for us, for me. My wife and I opened that in ’95. Imperial is the second
child in our family. We opened it in 2012. Matthew’s been with us
since the beginning. He started with us as a cook,
now he’s the executive chef. The very first time we did
this, is about a year ago we did an event with my buddy
Brad Farmery from New York. And we called it High on the Hog. Then, not too long ago, we did an event outside of
Paley’s place in the parking lot, it was kind of a pot roast, if you will. – Whoa. (men laughing) – Again, we we roasted her on a spit. – We’re gonna try this pig. – Wow okay, see the
color on that is amazing. – We’re gonna pull our pork
secreto out of this guy. And the secreto is a muscle
that when an animal gets this big it kind of, it distends,
it gets large enough that you can differentiate it from the
other flat meat and has a lot of really nice inner muscular
fat, the flavor is really good, and it cooks up nicely at medium. You know, you don’t have to kinda hammer it like you
have to do with the rest of the pork. – [Brent] Essentially the
darker it is, the more flavor? But then also knowing it’s like 14 months old,
which is over double what a pig normally gets to grow to? This is gonna be so good. – [Ben] You can’t really tell anything of its diet right now, other than
that it lived a really great life, from the color of the meat. It is really cool that you’re curing it. The diet will probably present
itself in a year from now. – [Chef Vitaly] That’s kinda
what I’m hoping to see is when you add thyme, a little bit of salt, you know that’s why when you taste pigs from Spain
the famous Pata Negra, you actually do taste that earthiness from the acorns that they eat at the end of their lives, or throughout their lives. – [Brent] Yeah, how did you guys get interested in serving the
secreto because this is not something that’s like
familiar on American menus. This is a Portuguese,
Spanish cut primarily. – [Chef Vitaly] That is exactly
the reason why we wanted to do something totally different. We wanted to introduce people to a familiar, yet new cut. Comes from the same piece of meat that they’ve been
eating forever except in a different way. – They have a beautiful cut. Matthew, will you cook this for us? – Please? (rock guitar music) – We thought would be kind of
a cool way of bringing back an old technique of planking, but
planking on something that’s distinctly local, yet again bringing this, like, farm to table thing even further. It’s full circle for us. Put the plank into the fire,
get it all smoky, pull it out toss a piece of meat on it, and keep on repeating the process. There’s a historical society
here in Portland, literally blocks away from here. I went there digging through menus that dated back to 1920’s. And there are menus that literally state: planked and underneath a whole bunch of different
cuts that you can. – [Brent] Huh. – [Chef Vitaly] So when we
were actually toying around with this idea,I put scallops
on here, I put muscles on there, I put salmon on here, I put you name it, I put it on here. It was all really tasty,
but it made sense to do it with a nice piece of pork
like this because it actually takes enough time to develop the flavor. – [Brent] It’s really
amazing to see like how much thought is going into
every process of this animals’ like life and what happens
to it after its life. – [Chef Vitaly] You know, we gotta be able to tell that story in a very light hearted
but constructive fashion. And it just makes me feel all
fuzzy and warm inside really. – [Ben] (laughing) I actually just forgot that we were about to eat pork. [Brent] Yeah. [Chef Matthew] It almost
smells beefy with all the smoke that’s on it, you know? (rock guitar music) – Get in there guys and then
maybe try, try a little bit of this romesco as well. Just kinda swipe the romesco in there. – [Brent] Oh yeah. This is amazing how much
flavor you’re imparting through that plank from that smoke and
just little bit of seasoning on the outside. – Seriously this doesn’t,
really doesn’t taste like pork. – For me I would say that
it doesn’t really impart the flavor of the cannabis or what
we would, what we understand that flavor to be. What I do taste is a healthier animal. It’s juicier pork, it’s, the
texture is more resistant. There’s no like mushiness
involved whatsoever. – It’s a better diet. – No, no it doesn’t taste
like weed, thank God. (men laughing) But you’re right, every animal is healthier with salad in their diet. Like that’s just the way it is. Pigs are no different. Just a really really great
cut cooked really really well. – This is Oregon on a plate. – Yeah, and in a glass. Cheers, guys. – Cheers. – Thank you so much. – Thank you guys. – Thank you chef, thank you chef. To learn more about drugs, man, – Yeah. – Click here to check out a
video from our friends at Vox. – [Narrator] When you take LSD, your brain looks something like this. You can actually see a higher
degree of connectivity.

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