What is: Cheetah Hunt – Busch Gardens Tampa Bay

What is: Cheetah Hunt Cheetah hunt is a steel roller coaster, located
at Busch Gardens Tampa Bay, in Florida, USA. The ride features three distinct launches,
each of which propel riders to a different high speed, allowing them to complete the
interesting, agile and long circuit. Cheetah Hunt opened to the public on the 27th
of May 2011. In conjunction with the rides debut, Busch
Gardens constructed Cheetah Run, an exhibit in which guests can watch Cheetah’s through
large observation windows. At the exhibit, guests can learn more about
the intriguing animal, as well as watch them sprint across the wide plains in conducted
daily exercises. To best match the name and theme of the attraction,
the ride’s manufacturer, Intamin, has produced a layout adhering to a Cheetahs main talents. Aside from the three launches, the 20 million
Dollar roller coaster features a singular inversion, as well as many quick twists and
turns. A ride on Cheetah Hunt begins with guests
boarding one of five trains, each of which are comprised of 4 cars, seating 16 riders. This fact, coupled with the multitude of launches,
allows for the attraction to have a large capacity of 1370 riders per hour. Once guests have boarded the attraction, their
experience begins with a brief launch out of the station. This is quickly followed by a banked turn
to the left, and a quick descent into the rides second, and most powerful launch. The trains are swiftly accelerated to 97kmh/60mph,
before climbing a 31m(102ft) structure. Riders then complete a slow figure 8 element,
providing fantastic panoramic views of the park. This is followed by a sudden 40m/130ft drop
into a large trench. Guests continue their experience by navigating
a twisted airtime hill, a banked drop under a pedestrian bridge, and a upward turn into
the coasters only inversion, a heartline roll. The trains pass through a mid-course brake
run, and begin to navigate a series of low to the ground banked turns between an artificial
canyon, simulating the fast paced near misses a cheetah would experience during a high speed
run. This is quickly followed by the 3rd and final
LSM launch. The last part of the rides layout concludes
with a series of normal, and twisted airtime hills, leading to the attractions final brake
run. All of this takes place within approximately
84 seconds of exciting ride time. At multiple points during the ride’s 1350m
long circuit, guests interact with other attractions at the park. The most notable of these being the sky ride,
which transports it’s riders from one themed area to another. Interestingly, Cheetah Hunt remains the longest
roller coaster in the park, measuring over 100m longer than its closest competitor, Montu. On top of this, and to further the ride’s
immersive Cheetah like experience, Intamin have produced numerous Cheetah themed cars. Each train resembles the quick animal, by
featuring spot decals and a Cheetah-like front car. Overall, Cheetah Hunt provides a fantastic
and diverse ride experience. Even though the attraction isn’t the most
intense Intamin multi-launch coaster, it provides its guests with a fun ride, packed with quick
transitions and airtime. As a result, Cheetah Hunt has become a well
recognised favourite of enthusiasts, and the general public, alike. As of 2018, the ride remains one of only two
Intamin multi-launch coasters in the United States, despite their popularity. Would you like to see more Cheetah-Hunt-like
roller coasters be constructed in the near future? What’s your opinion?

62 thoughts on “What is: Cheetah Hunt – Busch Gardens Tampa Bay

  1. Cheetah Hunt is a great coaster for sure but I feel like its getting hated on a lot lately by enthusiasts. Because its "not intense" and a "family coaster" but thats not what its trying to be and proves that an intamin can still be fun without neck breaking stengel dives and greyout inducing turns as it was already mentioned in the video

  2. All roller coasters do not have to be super intense to be an awesome ride, and this is a prime example of that 🙂 It provides plenty of thrills for both enthusiasts and the rest of the family, so I think this is a great Intamin roller coaster

  3. I have been an "on the fence about the music addition" subscriber. Every video since the first has had better and better music that has me warming up to it. This soundtrack was an ABSOLUTE perfect addition to this video and coaster! Nicely done!

  4. Looks so much better than BGW counterpart Verbolten, with the flow, pacing, and terrain usage, vs. stop-and-go jerking and a lame show building.

  5. Great video. Thank you for the credit Harry.

     The lone inversion, or, "the last dinner roll that no-one wants", is easily the most confusing or uninspiring inversion I have experienced. Don't get me wrong, I really love inversions as a lot of others do. To me, as smooth as the inversion is, it truly doesn't add anything to the ride in my opinion. I wonder if the ride would have gotten different restraints had it not been originally included. Then again, probably not considering I-305 has the same type of train, for a ride that doesn't have inversions.

  6. That really looks like a fun coaster, I would love to see that Cheetah show as well, I have to get there one day.

  7. my dad was a construction worker at the time and actually had to work on plugging the spring that they dug into while working on this. it was super exciting to see in progress shots from inside the construction work space!

  8. I loved this ride when i went on it i love the theming and the colours its so amazing if you go you need to ride cheetah hunt

  9. Cheetah hunt and maverick look so cool! A coaster does not need to be super tall to be amazing, it needs creative design and fluidity. I must ride these coasters!

  10. its my idea or the triangular rails are the most exclusive intamin feature with the lsm launches and their obsession with velocity???

  11. 1. Yeah, I'd like to see more multi launches in the US

    2. If I win Powerball or Mega Millions; I'm (considering) moving to Tampa and being a Busch Gardens Tampa pass holder.

  12. Dude, can you please do one of these on Viper at six Flags Magic Mountain, since it's the last of its kind?

  13. Yes! I would like to see more cheetah hunt like rollercoasters. It's not super intense sure but it is the most amazing rollercoaster I've ever been on due to how you kinda feel like a cheetah when you ride it. The tight turns through the tunnel is amazing feeling. The triple launch is awesome. I think a new better version of cheetah hunt would have break booster zone's through it allowing for a much longer track and more trains on at a time. 100mil rollercoaster no spinning seat but there will be back facing seats and front facing and side facing seats.🤑

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