What is compost?

In this video we’ll answer the question –
“What is compost?” Compost is simply just organic matter that’s been
broken down into a stabilized form, to provide nutrients as a fertilizer to
soils. Good compost is really high in organic matter. Organic matter is the broken-down material – a lot of carbon… …can consist of humic matter that is good for soils, and it’s good because it does a few things – one is: high organic
matter holds water really well. Good organic matter also holds nutrients
better. So, when you add nutrients whether they’re in the compost, or you add them
as a fertilizer – especially in mineralized form – those nutrients will be
held by the compost – by the humic matter in the organic matter, in the compost – so
that it’s available when the plant needs it. It won’t be as easily leached out by
watering or by rain.

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