What is Gold Tree India?

Hello YouTube,
Many of you’ve asked me about “What exactly does GoldTree India do?”
GoldTree India is a name under which we are planning to have several small or large scale
ventures in near future. As of now, we’ve started with one of our very ambitious and
future-oriented project under which we manufacture the best organic fertilizer one can make with
natural amendments. We named it Srajak Vermicompost. The name roughly translates to “The Savior”.
And if you don’t already know, Vermicompost enriches the soil which is almost dead because
of our selfish needs by application of Synthetic Chemical Fertilizers and Pesticides.
We have established a commercial unit for manufacturing Vermicompost, where we ensure
that we deliver quality product to our customers by closely monitoring the process and maintaining
the optimum environment for the earthworms to thrive in any given season. This unit has
the capacity to produce around 700 tonnes of the best quality Vermicompost per annum.
We, at GoldTree India, manufacture Vermicompost by using pure Cow Dung manure collected from
cattle farms only after monitoring the animals and the feed that was given to them.
You can always get in touch with us on our Facebook page, Instagram, or you can mail
us at [email protected] Hoping to stay connected.
Thank you. B-bye

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  1. I want to start this project in kangra Himachal Pradesh. Request you to advice on viability of this project….. Is it profitable venture?

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