When And How to Fertilize Your Encore Azalea Plants

Spring is almost here and it’s a perfect
time to talk about one of the most asked questions on EncoreAzalea.com. When andhow do I fertilize my Encore Azaleas? Hi! I’m Kip McConnell coming to you from the Encore Azalea greenhouses. The good news is Encore Azaleas don’t require a lot of
fertilization. The best time to fertilize them is right after they bloom in the
spring. This one spring application may be all you need but if you live in an
area with a lot of rainfall and a long growing season, you may want to make a
second application in mid to late summer making sure you don’t fertilize after
August the first. Now that we’ve addressed timing let’s talk about the
types of fertilizers to use for your Encore Azaleas. We recommend a granular rhododendron, azalea or camellia fertilizer or a premium slow release
fertilizer. Before we wrap up, let me pass on a little trick I’ve been using for
years. Apply liquid fertilizer to the foliage and roots of your Encore Azaleas. This will add a little extra boost. By following these simple steps your Encore Azaleas should be healthy and full of blooms this year. For more care tips,
visit us at EncoreAzalea.com

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  1. Do you recommend using milorganite on these plants? I use milorganite on a lot of my plants and it works great. Was wondering if y’all had any recommendations on using them on these azaleas

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