Where does sperm fertilize the egg? Clue’s Menstrual Cycle Quiz

Okay first question. Where does sperm fertilize the egg? Number 1. I don’t even know what that is Urethra. Two: Ovary. Three: Fallopian tube. In the ovary. No! Not in the ovary. So I’m trying to think like if the sperm comes up into the… Oh…you guys. Hard one. Ovary… Urethra? It’s not in the urethra. That’s where pee comes out. Oh yeah I just found out that there are two holes there. And I think it’s supposed to meet in the ovary. No… In the fallopian? No. In the fallopian tube! Fallopian tube?

8 thoughts on “Where does sperm fertilize the egg? Clue’s Menstrual Cycle Quiz

  1. It is disturbing how many people had to think about this. Me included. But I got it right!

  2. Ampula is region in fallopian tube where sperm gets fertilized…. yea in short its fallopian tube….# biology loveršŸ˜‚

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