Why Compost Tea is NOT Created Equal & How to Make the Best Compost Tea

This is John Kohler with GrowingYourGreens.com
today I have another exciting and very quick episode for you guys.
This episode I’m here on my vacation in Hawaii still and I’m at the Home Depot just
checking out the plants they’ve got and actually they have a bunch of organic plants
which is really nice like vegetables and herbs that they’re offering.
But the reason for this episode today is because I want you guys to value something, right?
In Hawaii prices are inflated, things have to be shipped on a boat here if they’re
not made locally on the island and one of the things that, as mainlanders, we often
don’t really particularly value is this stuff right here. The compost, there’s a
compost mix here is 1 cubic foot and if you take a look at the price, 1 cubic foot of
the EcoScraps compost
is $8.97. $9 dollars for
one cubic foot, that’s not a lot of
compost for nearly 9 dollars plus tax. So, start composting
your food scraps, compost all the different yard clippings and yard waste, leaves and
everything you can to make your own
compost because it’s worth minimum in Hawaii $9
dollars a cubic foot but, to me, the
compost you make in your own home adding rock dust and bio char is priceless man! Because
you’re not going to have any better soil
and there’s definitely not a better soil coming out of a bag that’s going to go into your
backyard. This is stuff you can make
at home. Be sure to check my other videos where I share with you guys how to make your own compost, save a lot of money and grow the best food.
Hope you guys enjoyed this episode, once again my name is John Kohler with GrowingYourGreens.com we’ll see you next
and remember: Keep on growing!

97 thoughts on “Why Compost Tea is NOT Created Equal & How to Make the Best Compost Tea

  1. John, I make my compost with both wood chips and straw, different minerals (i add sea minerals, rock dust and some zeolite) and garden waste (roots, grass clippings, harvested plants, not good vegetables and a little goat manure, use many herbs for inoculation besides the little manure I use) so by that logic, isn't my compost rich in both bacterial and fungal activity? Since I use a lot of wood chips, some straw and rest is garden waste, some minerals, herbs and just a little manure (aforementioned) shouldn't it mean that my compost is both rich in bacteria and fungi? Just asking, it does wonders, it gives high yields, my soil is amazing…am just interested weather I have both or it is still bacterial and have no or very little fungi, I am just being inquisitive. 

  2. Yep the tea feeds the soil and the soil feeds the plants. Sounds basic and a bit simplified but that's the way it works. 🙂

  3. John, I'm unable to find the past video you did where you demonstrated how to make the Boogie Brew compost. Could you please do another short demo? Thanks for sharing all your useful and wonderful information. I really enjoy and appreciate all your videos.

  4. Great video interview.  Thanks for sharing with us.  Looking forward to the ratios and ingredients video.  I didn't check the name of the book he was raving about and I didn't see the title of it below the video window.  Can you provide the title of the book and the author, please?

  5. does he have a vegan amino acid to add instead of fish?
     …John, its hard to ask a business man to give the recipe that he made his wonderful business successful with  away to other companies  🙂 …  So do we use like a cup of plain BB in say 5 gallons, bubble 24hrs then apply, then wait a couple days and use molasses water?

  6. The author of the book is "The Rev" You can find True Living Organics by The Rev on amazon and also the Amazon Kindle e-book for even cheaper. Cheers, thanks for the protips!

  7. My Rock Dust Mix http://www.azomite.com/ http://www.boogiebrew.net/wp-content/uploads/2014/02/Elemite-front-label-3.25×4.75.png http http://www.tractorsupply.com/en/store/red-lake-earthreg%3B-diatomaceous-earth-with-calcium-bentonite-20-lb http://www.groworganic.com/gaia-green-glacial-rock-dust-50-lb.html I mix these four in equal portions with this Bio-Char: http://www.hydrofarm.com/product.php?itemid=14200 I then put about a hand full into each 1 gallon grow bag and mix it all up. It is a great start for most plants. When you go to transplant, you have a one gallon core of soil around the roots to feed them forever. Some clays, such as montmorillonite (AZOMITE) and vermiculite, have a surface area as high as 800 square meters per gram, over 200,000 square feet (almost five acres) per ounce! AZOMITE IS AWESOMITE!

  8. Interesting comment about fish as a soil amendment. I grew up in south Florida and our house had a front porch with shrubs around it. For 20 years the shrubs would always die in one area. So one day I was out fishing and brought my catch home. I processed my catch and had a thought as to disposition of the scraps. I dug up the 2 dead bushes at the end where we always had an issue and buried the scraps. About a month later the bushes were replaced and not only did they not die, they became the most productive plants in that area. Not just temporarily but even years later.

  9. I am eating some REEEEALY good watermelon right now,and some thing about boogie ,I think I burned up my air compressor brewing that stuff,but my plants are really big this year,although I did also use rock dust and sea 90,worm castings ETC…..what were we talking about?oh yea,watermelon,mmmmmmmmmm.

  10. Excellent video my friend. Going further on the trials @OneYardRevolution and I plan on doing a trial for compost tea in 2015 compare compost tea vs a control. It should be very intersecting.

  11. This video was great!  I really do love all the amazing information Josh shares, and I'm glad he is so open and giving to the gardening community.

  12. Is this community of gardeners really that uninformed about the difference between humus and hummus? I would really expect the boogie brew representative to know the difference and how to pronounce them in English. Wow?!!!

  13. I have been making a compost pile for a year now and i am still letting it sit and keeping wet. The reason is i add new dry grass and cedar chips to it to allow the fungal to move in and let the bacteria go dormant for a bit. just to create that bio diversity. As well as let the earth worms move in and enrich some of that stuff even more!

  14. I live in Germany and can't get BB here I make my own tee but am looking forward to the open scorce film
    to make my tee even better : if it can get better ?

  15. Thanks again for another great video!!! Wish I could have came to Cali to help ya last week, use to work in the film industry, also want to and am working on finding ways to help folks learn about eating healthy, home grown food!!! 😉

  16. question for anyone, once you make your compost tea can you bottle it cap it off? or do you have to use it right away?
    living in a northrn climate i wanted to make compost tea to save for winter months on my small indoors like peas and radish and other randoms

  17. wow john, this guy's wealth of knowledge, he's on par with you man, gonna look into everything he talks about, open source horticulture all the way!

  18. I like growing your green and respect what his video is all about. I went and ordered from boogie brew and my experience was horror. They send me a email we have back orders and you will receive your oder in 2 months. I was OK with that I send an email about two weeks just to see how they were going. Then a email you have already received your order I was what the fuck. We were going back and forth I'm saying no I have not they are well we got an mail notification that you did. I was how in the hell did you get a " notification" if I got an email that you have back orders and I will get it in 2 month or so. Then I got an email from the owner saying that they have automatic email system and that they can't do anything about the issue. Then they were what do you want me to do. I was so mad because they said they can't do anything about it. So be careful when ordering from them. I lost $60.00 dollars and did don't get shit.

  19. John,  Thanks for doing another interview with Josh.  Over this summer I have gained great respect for him and his products thanks to you. With Rock Dust and B.B. I have never had better tasting tomatoes and peppers.

  20. This channel has gone to shit lately, john you used to be so cool with your videos and now they are lame. I miss all the rock dust videos and Don Weaver and how you would take us along as you planted and prepared your gardens

  21. My grandfather and father showed me how to make tea as a kid.The big thing was told to me over and over,"not all plants do well with the same tea".You can use tea of one kind for gardens,and you will see some plants do well and others do not,it may need another kind of tea.Flowers maybe another,trees,another,and so on.So glad you mention the test word,so true test,test,test.Good video,bit long,but I enjoyed it anyway.

  22. You are discussing the hardships of trying to develop and market a product in California.  Have you been able to see the connection between that hardship and the various politicians and political ideologies that they've promoted over the years, particularly the Democrats?

  23. Does Boogie Brew smell terrible when brewed?

    I just dumped the bag in two 5 gallon buckets and nothing else, it smelled really bad after a day(in 100 degree weather) 

  24. John and Josh, thanks for the info, as always, great job on giving back to the gardening community on and offline. Big Question and suggestion: I have gone to the GYG boogie brew site area and there is no GYG  "DEAL" on just a BIG bag of BOOGIE BREW and, there should be and if you created one I think more of use would purchase a GYG boogie brew ONLY package. I have personally tried it and have had great results this year, but haven't re-purchased anymore, why, because it is really expensive actually, so, bottom line make it more affordable (for REAL organic small produce growers and not just get-on- the-bandwagon-urban-yuppie-type's) and more people will buy and use it and , as a result, more testimonials will be submitted which will keep the purchase and repurchase cycle continue., in my humble opinion. If ANYONE else shares this viewpoint, please LIKE and reply…thanks..Dave


  26. I end up getting mold into my worm bins from these coffee grounds. Basically I get lazy and leave the coffee grounds out and when I throw it in the bin it has a fair amount of green mold. I usually mix it in pretty good so you can no longer see the mold. Is this the kind of Fungal you are talking about having in compost?

  27. I love what your guest said around 14mins or so. When he said he'd take human experience over a microscope any day and that ppl in labs don't have the same "connection" to nature as a surfer does. Very cool! =) Thanks again for the vid!

  28. I've grown for 20yrs. I have tried almost every fertilizer company. To be honest with minimal success at times. Then I found boogie brew and their humus!! instant amazing results!! For once if you follow the instructions. It will work beyond your wildest expectations! Plus it's heavy metal content due to the veganics is as low as you can get! I can taste the difference and feel the difference in my medicinal herbs too!! Finally found the perfect match. Boogie brew for life now!! Plus the money savings is beyond and other fertilizer company out there! Hands down. Thanks to Josh and John for getting the correct information out there for the masses!

  29. What do you think about adding Spirulina to the tea. I have two freshwater aquariums what could i do with the fish waste i clean their filters one a month and have gals of muddy fish water? I feed the fish Spirulina flakes and to the end i have lots of powder to small for fish to eat. Would be great to use it to brew compost tea

  30. Use mother nature in a way she uses uh.. nature 🙂  And you will be rewarded 🙂

    that said Boogie Brew is the shit.

  31. please enterview John Kohlr (i dont know how to spell his name,so i apologize) and the women in oregon that he spoke of that would rock my world!!!!!! 

  32. i have been looking for one of your past videos for awhile now! it was the video where you showed a small box of fresh peppers you ordered online! i need that video SOOOOOOOOOO bad its not even funny you showed us sweet peppers,mild peppers and hot pepper! please please please and thank you!

  33. Excellent video gentlemen, I love how your are spreading compost tea knowledge and all of the forward thinking you share. Watching this video reminded me of how I have convers ations with people all the time promoting a healthy true living organic lifestyle. Thanks for all your doing, if I ever have the chance to share some of my finest true living organics, it would definitely be one for the books, in my memory.So I look forward to meeting you at one these events someday. Your friend in the garden. Zecch

  34. To anyone who watches this video and wonders how he can just give his recipe away free, it goes like this you can teach people give them recipe and tools, but how many are actually going to go out there and put together and source all the individual finest ingredients known to man, well it would have to be done in bulk and like the man mentioned about all of the work, up till midnight making batches every nite…. To me being around the gardening business my whole life I can say maybe one out of fifty people brewing their own teas actually source individual ingredients let alone all the best ingredients. So this man has a passion for providing the best product very commendable, especially how much work it takes, but he's doing it to better all of us.

  35. Let's begin with the myth that vermicompost is lacking fungi. This is completely bogus. Not only are there published studies showing a high density and diversity of fungi in vermicompost but I have recorded video illustrating this. Just look at Microbe Organics.
    You recommend harvesting forest duff. This is irresponsible and if one is growing vegetables or other annuals, this is the wrong microbial consortium. Detritus or soil from a 'wild' grass stand would do you much better.
    Certainly if you use wood chips or wood shavings in your compost, this contributes to high fungal content. The reason being is that fungi is essential for the degradation of lignin and cellulose. The benefits of this top-dressed is illustrated by the great success using Ramial chips.
    That is not a bad point about the so called 'Alaskan humus'. It is indeed a peatmoss with some humus component but so is regular grade Canadian sphagnum peatmoss for a fraction of the cost. You may add this to your compost pile or worm bin to help boost fungal numbers.

  36. This tea is the bomb. My plants root systems are the thickest white I ever had. The growth is phenomenal. Thanks for the info.

  37. yeah boogie brew is good and everything, but honestly you can get the same results making your own tea with regular organics. ( i have my own secret recipe. )

  38. Really? You want buyers of your product to do field trials for you? If its so good, why can't you do your own field trials? And I couldn't find the CalTech trial that you cited? Was it published?

  39. Getting around to view all the Boogie videos.  Thanks Mr Cunnings and Kohler for sharing this extremely valuable information.  I am off of oil and gas based fertilizers this year because of Boogie Brew.

  40. Can you just mix the compost tea and water and feed your plants?  Or do I need to brew it for 24hrs.  I dont have the tubing and what not to brew it?

  41. I think you are doing it right John, no one has every complained about Azomite and I am getting absolute amazing results with it the first year.  I do, however, see many people on youtube post reviews that compost tea has had no effect on their plants or even reduced their growth.

  42. If you google "does compost tea work", most of the research suggests that compost tea does nothing. I wouldn't waste my time with it. If you are already adding compost why do the compost tea? I grow awesome veggies each year and I've never used compost tea.

  43. Haven't bought Boogie Brew but I was just getting into compost tea when I saw these videos, they really opened my mind about diversifying and improving my compost tea. It's not just nitrogen and bacteria… the micronutrients profile you guys set an example of is great. Some time I'll probably try your tea!

  44. I happen to live near a forest. should I include some of the floor in my tea? can you put wood chips in the tea or do I need to wait until it breaks done a little more?

  45. I loved the passion from Josh! he really loves what he does!!
    John too!
    I am brewing compost tes at the moment and making lacto bascilus,wondering what will happen if i put LAB in the tea as well,not too much just a little.Have also fish emulsion on the go,waiting for lacto bacilus to be ready and adding that to fish emulsion as well,saw somwhere that this is nessecary.
    Hate the chemicals,bio for me!!!

  46. I'm into my second year of gardening and you guys have taken my horticultural I.Q. to a whole new level…Thanks a ton!

  47. you shoulda seen the microbes i collected from the forrest behind my house everytime i went on a hike over the ridges. I made a compost out of 3 year old wood chips, last years mature alfalfa hay, and some of the soil from my garden. then I put all these different microbe i collected into it. I keep it covered with cardboard. Tons of pure white fussy growth all over it. One of my compost tea ingredients for this year. naturally occurring forrest microbes

  48. I have been using Compost Tea for a while now and it works great! I have recently been hearing about Sprouted Seed Tea (SST). Do you know if SST works? If so, when is the best time to apply it?

  49. I love it! I got a couple secret ingredients laying around I'm going to toss in my brew and see what happens.

  50. What about salt contents in various composts? I am in SoCal and our irrigation water has 465 PPMs +/- of dissolved solids to begin with..

  51. Great video. It bring something to my attention. In SoCal most of our fruits & veggies are grown in MX. Do you know what they use to fert. their crops?

  52. Great video! After waiting for 12-24 before adding the fish protein how much longer do you brew for after adding the fish????

  53. Sorry Josh Cunnings, there is no UC Pomona but there is a Cal Poly Pomona. CalTech is also not to be confused with Cal Poly Pomona.

  54. From personal experience, I am using Bokashi Composting and it has had a very good impact on my vegetable and they are growing great, additionally, I am preparing my own lactobacillus serum and I have used it to prepare my Bokashi Bran Activator and Fish Emulsion Homemade and I can say that fish emulsion was great for all leavy plants and makes them thrive. But the wonder formula was brewing and applying Compost Tea ( ingredients are: Cow Manure (200g), 60ml Lactobacillus Serum or EM1, 30g Humic Acid ( Humus), 20 g Black Strap Molasses, 5g Yeast, 20 g Lemon Salt ) and the outcome was incredible leaves of my plants has tripled in size in no time and full garden general condition had improved with a magic spell. So it was not the cow manure, in fact, the bacteria/enzymes and the right Ph level in the soil will make all the difference and will aid the roots to exchange nutrients already present in soil but not available for the plants under certain conditions. Next time I will try to add Fish Emulsion to my compost tea and experiment the results.

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