Why do we get Dehydrated? | #aumsum

It’s AumSum Time. Why do we get Dehydrated? Coz our body needs more hot chocolate. Naahhh. Dehydration occurs when our body loses more
fluids than we drink. 75% of our body weight is water. Water regulates our body temperature, digestion. It acts a lubricant and cushions our joints,
etc. Now, we lose water through breathing, sweating,
peeing, etc. As little as 2% loss of our body fluids makes
us thirsty. And when we lose 4 to 5% of our body fluids,
we begin to feel dehydrated. Common causes of dehydration include diarrhea,
vomiting and excessive sweating. Some conditions like diabetes and diuretic
medications. Which cause us to urinate frequently can also
leave us dehydrated. Now, mild dehydration can cause irritation,
headache, dizziness, etc. However, long-term dehydration or chronic
dehydration. Can lead to decrease in blood volume. Thus reducing the amount of oxygen reaching
our tissues. Chronic dehydration can even cause. Urinary tract infection, kidney failure and in severe cases, death.

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  1. How do modusodium glutamate effect to our body? can you make video about this content?

  2. The video of amsum time helps me a lot which I'm learning in school and other studying apps
    Upload more and more video amsum
    I have downloaded the app also 'it's amsum time'
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  3. This video is a proof that you don't have the knowledge to make this kind of video's, at least see for yourself before uploading, I'm unsubscribing this Chenel

  4. The first video: The water present in our body 75%.
    The second video: The water present in our body 60%. Why?

  5. I think so you are not sure about the percentage of water present in our body first 75 percent and then 60 percent

  6. Please don't repeat the same topics in all videos…. Viewers plz stop seeing them only these guys will change…😠

  7. When channel made this character: he did not talk
    Update 1: he talks
    Minor change: plays other videos?
    Update 2: name given
    Update 3 narrator replaced by Aumsum
    Update 4 narrator returns and Aumsum’s voice pitch is. Higher?

  8. 1st video
    75% if we lose 2-3% we feel thirsty and if we lose 4-5% then we feel dehydrated
    2nd video
    60% water presents in our body

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