Why Gallatin? with Careina Yard

My name is Careina Yard. I’m an MA candidate at Gallatin and I’m integrating Black studies, film studies, and education. Prior to Gallatin, I was interested in film and education but I was doing them separately. Coming from Saratoga, which is predominantly white, I knew the power of education and what that could do but I also knew that it privileges the white demographics. Once I got to Gallatin and I had this amazing opportunity to integrate film and education, I came up with this idea to document these schools that I was going into and I had the opportunity to shoot my thesis essay film. It’s a short film in which I examine my personal experience in the education system. I feel like I was supported beyond even my own expectations. Faculty that have been in the field both film and education for a number of years and are invested in the community. I had the opportunity to be in Spike Lee’s class. Being in his class and watching his films and being able to speak to people that he’s worked with on his projects is really, really inspiring. So the access that we have, the community that we have, the support beyond this school is really why I love this school. I love Gallatin. Eventually, I want to open up a charter school and I also want to do film. My journey is just beginning now.

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