Why I love fertilizer

Fertilizer is magic. We couldn’t grow enough food to feed a third
of the world if we didn’t have this incredible addition
that drives crop productivity. And so teaching farmers about it, getting them enough credit, making sure they’re getting exactly the
right fertilizer, it’s a very important part of increasing
yields for poor farmers. Africa uses almost no fertilizer. African yields are less than half of the US, and in parts of Africa, like Tanzania, it would be more like a quarter to a fifth
yield. Fortunately, scientists have been working
on getting soil so it yields the best it can. Picking the right blend of fertilizer where you have to go look at your soil and see what’s missing there. The world has gotten awfully smart about that. Bringing that knowledge to the smallholder
farmer, we have a lot of work to do there. So if we can get this going, get the supply chain right, this can work. Part of that is education, part of its infrastructure. It costs money to move fertilizer into the
interior of the country or if you want to sell those crops and move them
out. So as they get roads and railroads in, this type of intensification where fertilizer
is necessary, that’ll be a big deal. It’s a huge upside when we do it right.

1 thought on “Why I love fertilizer

  1. did you know that a by product foe fertiliser production is flouride – yes the flouride poison that cannot be disposed of; the flouride that is stored in underground bunkers; the flouride that is injected into the water that you drink.
    don't listen to this infected individual that knows you as, quote "human capital"
    fertiliser production only serves the industrial farms that spray poison onto their crops which they sell to you.
    organic fertiliser and/KNF practices are practises which are truly practises that are beneficial to us..
    ask why is it that growing food is not taught to our children in schools? think…such an important topic yet not in main stream

    these videos are aimed at africa where the elite are planning to introduce gmo seed to the small holders and once implemented this network of small holders will flood the international food markets with gmo foods where it will destroy the world farmers with its pricing and availability due to gmo seed and with the aid of geo engineering – paid to weather manipulate to aid the small holders network and hinder the other farmers who don't take part in this scheme

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