Why Regrowing Celery is a Waste of Time & More Gardening Q&A

Alright! this is John Kohler with GrowingYourGreens.com,
today I have another exciting episode for you and what I’m going to do today is answer
a viewer’s questions. So normally I have Q & A sessions where people would email me
a question and sometimes I’ll answer that. I apologize if I can’t answer every single
question that comes in to me I get bombarded everyday with all kinds of questions and there’s
only one of me and there’s a lot of you guys out there watching and needing to get
your questions answered. So, if you do have a question for me the best
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below this video in case you want to do that. Let’s get into today’s question without
further ado. Today’s question comes from Rick and he actually made me a video that
I decided to answer and so let’s hear what Rick has to say. Take it over Rick…
(RICK) Ok Mr. Kohler, Mr. John Kohler: what’s going on with my greens? See my holes in my
greens? What do you recommend? I know these are bunched together but I’m going to spread
them out. What can I do to help my sick greens? (JOHN) Whoa Rick dude! You got some bugs in
your holes! No, you got some holes in your bugs, you got some holes in your leaves! That’s
what I was trying to say. Oh my gosh! That’s alright man, holes in the leaves are fine.
Let’s see if I can find any leaves in my holes here. Oh yeah, look! This is my Egyptian
spinach, this thing is raging behind me check it out man it’s so huge I’ve been eating
these almost every night and look: I’ve got holes in my leaves! This is a Swiss cheese
leaf, hey maybe I’ll frame it and sell it, this is some modern artwork, natural artwork.
But yeah seriously, you know for example for me here personally I can look at my leaves
in this plant here and the majority of leaves don’t have any holes, there’s a few leaves
that have a couple holes. In a situation like this I’m not really concerned about a few
bug holes, part of the way that I garden and I grow is that I try to grow in abundance,
I grow mass abundance in case there is crop failure, in case some bugs want to eat some
of them I’ve got extra and the whole thing is as long as your pest outbreak is not extreme.
You know, the plant grows fast, the plant grows every day, as long as the bugs are not
eating the plant as fast as the plant is growing you’re totally good, right?
So really I haven’t sprayed this particular plant with anything because it’s not that
bad and even if the leaves have holes I can still eat them. [Chewing] That’s good! So
yeah, but in the case of your situation you know because your plants are young and they
do have bug holes now that can be a big problem because the plants are not mature and the
plant is not yet growing fast enough to outgrow the bugs eating it.
So you know, if you came to me and said “John I’ve got a red rash on my skin what do I
do?” I wouldn’t have a clue, I’m not a doctor and I’m not a plant expert either.
But what I can tell you about your plants is you’ve got some holes, they’re definitely
caused by a pest, more than likely in my opinion is a caterpillar or some other kind of leaf
eating insect so there’s a few things you can do, the easiest of which is go out there
multiple times a day and just turn over your leaf. When you turn over your leaf and you
see the holes you might actually see and find the creature eating your leaves and you can
pick them off and smush them or feed them to your chickens or do what you want to them
and that’s the easiest thing to do. You can even determine what’s going on,
the easiest control is manual control by picking it off if you go out there several times and
you don’t ever see anything it could be coming out at night when you’re sleeping
so set your alarm for 3am in the morning and get up out of bed and go check it at 3am to
see if it’s out there. I’m just kidding with that one, I’d prefer that you guys
get a good night sleep than wake up at 3am to see what bugs are eating your leaves. But
anyways, what you want to do is some organic control, the easiest of which, or one of the
easiest ones especially when your plants are small is the “diatomaceous earth”. I’ll
soon have an episode coming on that, me spreading the “diatomaceous earth”. That works on
a lot of different insects and creatures so that’s step number one or instead of “diatomaceous
earth” you could also use like “Dr. Bronner’s” and “Neem Oil Solution”, you would put
that in a little spray bottle to spray down your leaves at the right dilution ratio. I
have a good video on this as well. I mean, those are just two of my common all-purpose
approaches that work on most things. If is caterpillars or some other kind of creatures
like that then I would use natural organic Bt and just spread that out as needed. Actually
I’ve got some holes in my cosmic kale leaves and I put some Bt on there and hopefully I
got rid of the caterpillars that were eating those guys. And actually over in this bed
here, you guys can’t see this it’s out of the camera shot [picks leaf] but yeah I
got some leaves with holes in it too so it happens to the best of us and this is just
nature at work and the thing is, on this kale, it’s just curly kale, the leaves were getting
eaten faster than the plants could make them so then I did have to intervene and get involved
and what I did was the first step is I just sat there for a while and saw little buggers
and picked them and smushed them all and that seemed to control them a little bit but then
they still came back and then I went with the “diatomaceous earth” and I did that
about a week ago and then I kind of let that hang out for a little bit and then it rained
and it washed away and then I hit it with the Neem and Dr. Bronner’s and now where
going to see what happens. The main thing you want to remember when using
any organic control is you want to give it time to work, don’t just go like “Oh I
sprayed it yesterday, they’re not all gone, I’m spraying them again tomorrow!”. No,
give your plants a chance to kind of hang out and figure out what’s going on because
definitely spraying with the Neem and Dr. Bronner’s especially in the wrong dilution
ratio you can potentially burn your plants and that would not be a good thing.
Alright, so that answers your question on the holes on your leaves, let’s hear what
else you got to say. (RICK) These are my trays for my lentil micro
greens I got growing, they haven’t sprouted yet. I didn’t soak my seeds, one of the
video tapes or YouTube videos said not to soak them.
(JOHN) OH! Lentil micro greens man! I can’t believe it! I’ve never heard of such a thing
and me personally I would never eat such a thing either. Lentil micro greens just do
not sound appetizing to me. Members of the bean family, so the lentils are part of the
bean family, mung beans, and kidney beans, atsuki beans and garbanzo beans… basically
all the members from the bean family have small amounts of toxins known as “phytates”
which in their raw state can actually get you very sick. So in the olden days a friend
actually sprouted kidney beans and ate them and she got really really really sick that’s
because in general most all beans need to be basically soaked and cooked to be eaten
to get out those toxins. So, lentils are one of the exceptions along
with the mung beans and I would soak those and sprout those with little small tails but
I’ve never heard of making actually lentil micro greens to eat them for the greens because
there may also be toxins in the leaves of these plants as well so it would not be my
choice to eat lentil micro greens personally. That being said, when making micro greens
or when growing anything I always encourage you guys to follow the recommended procedures
and in general they definitely recommend soaking your seeds in many cases, especially with
the beans. That being said, if you do want to grow micro
greens I think that little set up you got there is great, I love re-using things whenever
possible like the little containers you are using but I would focus on more of the brassica
style micro greens such as the arugula, which is going to grow amazingly fast and give you
a nice peppery flavor when they’re grown, or such as the kale or even the broccoli there
is a lot of research on the broccoli sprouts and broccoli micro greens on how anti-cancer
and truly healing they are which in my opinion is much more valuable than the lentils. So
save your lentils and sprout them and eat them as little baby sprouts with little small
tails or even cook them up. Actually I cook them up for little Oakley, I actually buy
organic rock dust grown French lentils for Oakley my little min pin. [Dog howling] and
that’s what he gets to eat for dinner many times and he loves it actually, rock dust
enhanced. Alright, let’s see what else Rick is up
to. (RICK) And this is my celery re-birth, from
grocery clippings; trying to re-do some celery. (JOHN) Wow! It’s cool you’re definitely
re-growing the celery and absolutely that can work and, you know, it’s definitely
in my opinion a novelty and I think that we should always return to the earth what we
pull out of it. So, all my celery clippings go back in my compost and I can re-build my
soil and grow more later, but if you want to grow them out again later I think that’s
totally perfectly fine if you’re kind of doing it as a curiosity, and here’s my thinking
behind that: I have a whole bed I can’t show you today because it’s really wet,
but I have a whole bed of celery and here’s the thing, I didn’t plant the celery. I
let my celery plant go to seed, set flowers, set seed. The seeds blew across the yard or
landed in one raised bed and now I got a whole bed of celery that I didn’t plant. For me
personally, I would much rather have celery re-seed on its own and having a whole bed
of celery without me having to lift an iota or a finger, to having to re-grow celery from
a cutting. In addition, the other thing I want to say
is that if you took celery from a cutting that you got from the store versus a seed
and you’re planting them at the same time, you know I would definitely bet you money
the one from the seed in the end would be more productive. Why? Well the seed is nature’s
packaging for a baby plant; it’s not an old cutting. It’s going to grow up and be
fully productive and be able to thrive if it’s in the right conditions if it’s healthy,
the soil is good and all this kind of stuff. But if you take the celery cutting the celery
is already grown to full term, full maturity, they sliced it off, it’s an adult plant
now, you then eat all the celery and then you cut it off and like anything in life,
any living creature always wants to live, I want to live! One of my most important prime
directives here. But yeah, so even if the celery is cut off there’s life left in it
and you can actually soak it in water, root it, roots will come out and then new celery
will grow out if it as well. Now, think about this, right? While the celery
can do that it’s not the most energy efficient because now the celery is been cut off, its
root zone is cut off, it really can’t absorb a lot of nutrition from how it currently is,
so then it needs to start working on setting out roots and then it needs to start working
on the growth again so that it can make and photosynthesize more and that takes a lot
of energy. Whereas, if you plant a seed, that seed is ready sending roots down to get nutrients
from the ground to send up to the greens to be able to grow that to really focus on production
because at that point in life it’s concerned about just growing, getting big and not getting
eaten by something else, you know? So I wouldn’t have a field of celery cuttings
that I’m re-growing, farmers do not do that, they just re-plant new seeds to get it growing;
but yeah, if you want to do a curiosity or have some extra space to screw around I definitely
think that’s totally cool and especially if you got kids you should probably do that.
It would probably be a good experiment with kids it’s to actually do a cutting of celery
and then grow a seed next door to compare the growth rates and see what happens so you
can just learn in this great experience known as life.
Alright so I think Rick has one more question, let’s hear what Rick has to say. Take it
over Rick! (RICK) What am I going to do when I’m going
out on a birthday celebration for my daughter in law and they’re going to a pizza place
and I’m juice fasting? Do I go ahead and just have a vegetable pizza or do I drink
a lot of juice before we go out or do I not go to the restaurant, pizza restaurant, and
stay home? New dilemma when you’re on a juice fast. I’m feeling great I want to
stay with it and so what do my… what do people that watch my videos, what do you say?
What should I do? (JOHN) So you’re in a juice fast man, that’s
awesome! I think juice fasts definitely have a place and can help people literally “reboot”,
like if you’re using your computer and it starts getting slow you’ve got to reboot
it once in a while to kind of clear all the junk off and start up fresh. I think juice
fasts are excellent to use in that way to kind of transition you out of all the junk
and processed foods and all the crap people are eating these days to kind of help you
get more on a… eating more fruits and vegetables, I mean that’s what it’s about to me: eating
fruits and vegetables and growing the highest quality fruits and vegetables.
So if you’re interested in a juice fast and you haven’t heard about this or anything
before, I would recommend a movie for all you guys out there it’s actually “Fat,
Sick and Nearly Dead” it’s on Netflix, it used to be on YouTube for free, not sure
if it’s on there anymore. Really good movie, shows a guy that was actually overweight,
unhealthy, came to America from Australia; he went on a juice fast, got healthy, turned
his health around and more importantly besides just, you know, did a juice fast, turned his
diet around because besides just the fast acting aspect of a juice fast, you don’t
want to do a juice fast and then go back to eating the crap you were eating before. You
want to do the juice fast, feel better and then you’re going to slowly incorporate
some of the healthy foods like what I’m growing around me.
So yeah I think it’s great that you’re in a juice fast, now yes there can be challenges
that come up if a juice fast especially when you’re going to a pizza place with your…
daughter in law and all this kind of stuff. So this is just my opinion on this, you can
do whatever you want because I’m never going to tell you guys how to live your lives but,
if I was on a juice fast and I was going to a pizza place with my daughter in law or which…
I don’t have a daughter, I don’t have anything right now [laugh]. I would stick
to my juice fast man because what it comes down to for me it comes down to values, what
do you value? Do you value what your daughter in law and I guess your son and their friends
or whatever think about you more than your health, right?
Call me like conceited or whatever but I really care more about my health more than anything
more than anybody cares about me and I’m going to just do what I want to do to ensure
that my value and my health are the best they could be. So, you know, I mean I’ve refused
food from people and probably in cultures that I probably shouldn’t have because I’m
just not going to eat certain things and that’s just my… my prerogative that’s what I
can do I mean it’s me, I’m not putting things in my body that I don’t want in my
body and I don’t recommend you guys do that either for peer pressure or whatever.
I mean we all know the peer pressure of drinking when we were in high school or whatever. But
even now a days, you know, people expect a certain thing and you have to eat what other
people eat but what other people are eating is in my opinion not normal and if you don’t
want to do it you shouldn’t have to do it and nobody should force you and you shouldn’t
feel bad for doing something different. So, if it was me and I was going to the pizza
place I’d probably drink a bunch of juice before I went there so I’d be pretty full
and I wouldn’t want to eat and then I would personally bring in like a nice bottle, like
a nice fancy bottle that I filled up with juice, and a nice colorful juice at that actually,
and bring it in and just bring that in and put it on the table and when everybody is
eating their pizza you just casually drink your cool… I don’t know… maroon colored
juice and people are asking you what it is and you don’t want to get in to much into
it just tell them “hey I’m on this new diet, I’m feeling great, I’m losing weight
and share what all the positive benefits you’re getting from what you’re doing because,
you know, eating more fruits and vegetables it just simply works! This is our natural
diet in my opinion and it’s really sad in this day and age that people eat just anything
other than fruits and vegetables, especially at a pizza place. Hopefully everybody is having
nice large salads before their pizza. But, yeah… so that’s what I would do and you
can do whatever you want. You can eat a vegetarian pizza I would not eat a vegetarian pizza in
your situation, what I might do instead of if I didn’t bring my juice, which is what
I would do, my compromise would be maybe eating like a salad from the pizza place but I would
just stick to my guns I would drink my juice, enjoy, tell people a little bit about it but
don’t get too much into it and go into all the crazy stuff and enjoy the company and
the time you’re having with your daughter in law and other family members and people
there, right? Because it’s really enforcing in our society
today, so many different activities are focused around food and they should be more focused
on people and relationships than just the food because people’s relationships with
food in this day and age in my opinion is very unhealthy because of the system that
we live in, the system dictates what we eat and all this stuff and unless you’re getting
out of the system like by growing your own gardens, supporting local farmers, growing
heirlooms and all this kind of stuff that I definitely advocate for you guys.
So hopefully that helps you out a little bit Rick, you guys hear a few of my opinions about
conventional foods and eating out and I don’t know… growing celery and holes in leaves
and all this stuff but I’ve got to get running actually I’ve got a trip coming up tomorrow
I’m really excited for, so wish me luck guys out there… I’m going to meet a girl.
So, anyways hope you guys enjoyed this episode. Once again my name is John Kohler with GrowingYourGreens.com.
Will see you next time and remember: Keep on growing.

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  44. Hello John. I am giving this a go and so far so good with a massive growth spurt. You may want to check it out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Zz80dBqxc4&t=337s

  45. You're so charming. Thank you for all your insight and videos. I've been watching them to prepare for when I can live on my own.

  46. Spray vinegar on your leaves I'm sure the insect won't think it's tasty anymore, do 50/50 mix don't spay too much try it and see what happens

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