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Alright! This is John Kohler of GrowingYourGreens.com.
Today it had been another exciting episode for you. And in this episode what we’re gonna
do is interview MIT the master grower here at North Coast Naturals who I consider to
be the leaders in clean green medical cannabis. Before we get in to this Q&A for those you
guys who didn’t see it we’re gonna put on a link up right in this corner right there
to a link of the tour that I’ve filmed for you guys to show you guys how clean green
certified medicinal cannabis has grown. So, click that link if you haven’t already. Other
than that, let’s get in to this interview. So, now we’re here with we call him MIT, the
master grower here at North Coast Naturals. First of I wanna tell you MIT that I’m choosing
North Coast Naturals to be a member here of your collective because I saw and see what
you guys are doing here growing some of the cleanest healthiest medicinals that I could
find. I mean I tried to replicate this in my garden that would be medicinals. But other
things I feel medicinals and I’m glad that you’re providing this for the community spray
free, chemical free, and some of the best medicine that I’ve ever seen.
Thanks John. On behalf of North Coast I’d like to welcome you as a member. It’s just
an absolute honor and pleasure to have you as a member here. We know that you’re the
man the best of everything that’s grown from a plant and that’s what we’re trying to provide.
Awesome. So, I wanna ask you some more questions MIT about North Coast Naturals and why you
guys store it and what’s your mission here.
So, yes, North Coast Naturals is a very simply a patients and growers association that has
been organized collectively under the laws of California in complete legal compliance
with all the medical cannabis laws. We’re represented by council that has advised us
under compliance issues and we have many compliance reviews with them to make sure we’re legally
compliant. Pursuing to that, we’ve been in contact with local law enforcement, contacted
the Sherriff’s Department, the Police Department, the Head of Police as well as the District
Attorney and invited them through here to do a walk through and inspect the premises
to make sure that not only our plants the best quality that they can be and all natural.
But our processes are our best quality and are completely confirming the laws as well
as everything that we’re doing for an infrastructure standpoint, everything is decoded, and everything
is above board. That’s our mission is to be as much of a model in the medical cannabis
cultivation community as possible. If you can imagine the best way to do it, which we’ve
spend countless hours trying to do. It is the output of that imagination we try to embody
here at North Coast.
Wow! That’s cool. I mean another thing they do is always try to improve and make things
better which is something I do in my very garden. So, I can appreciate this about North
Coast Naturals. Now, the next question I wanna ask you is why did you decided to grow clean
green certified also known as organic without the chemicals?
That’s a really good question. One of the key things we’re doing here. I mean the Clean
Green Certification is a very rare thing in this industry and we wish that it wasn’t so
rare. It is the equivalent well I don’t wanna say the equivalent. But, it’s based on the
organic certification process that the USDA has promulgated. And what they’ve done is
they’ve taken that process and copied it as much as possible and apply it to the cannabis
industry the medical cannabis industry specifically. And what that does is it’s a complete review
of all the inputs they call the inputs or the ingredients if you will to the recipe
of cultivation all the inputs. They review the inputs. They’re gonna review the processes
here. They do a review of the medicine processing to make sure that anything from the fact that
when you’re processing, your hair, if long hair is on the person’s processing that hair
is being tied back in a hair net, the globs are being worn, scissors are being cleaned
in between processing. Detailed things like that are based on federal standard guidelines
for food handhold. So it’s again based as much as possible on the federal guidelines
and always been applied on medical cannabis. Now, medical cannabis just like any other
cannabis cannot be certified organic by the USDA because it’s simply not a fairly recognized
legal crop yet. We’re hoping it’s yet. So, this is as close as you can get to an organic
certification. So, we can’t say it’s organic yet. We have every respect for that and for
USDA. The Clean Green Certification is what we sought after. They reviewed us thoroughly.
They’ve also done a legal compliance check. It’s one of the first things that they do
so that when they walk into a place like ours they can say, “Okay, first thing is are they
legally compliant?” So they’d be doing an on-sight inspection. They do a soil test sample
where they look for over 300 different pesticides, fungicides, moldicide, insecticides. They
do a complete soil screening that is done at a federally license lab. A lab that does soil screening for all sorts
of conventional crops that’s federally license. We’ve passed every fine colors which not everyone
that calls them up actually passes amazingly enough to show you how pervasive the problem
chemical pesticides are. And so, that is a knock shell what the Clean Green Certification
is. Approximately 51 I think something like that of gardens in the State of California
are Clean Green Certified. There’s one of them that I know in Colorado and I think now
they’re been brought in to look in gardens. In Oregon and Washington, I think those are
pending as well. So, 51 gardens in California. We’re very proud to be one of them. And
it goes hand and hand with our mission of being the best possible provider of true all
natural third partying inspected medicinal grade cannabis. Cannabis that you can safely
smoke, you can safely extract, and give to whomever is sick, and in whatever way and
know that you’re not getting them things that are going to make them worse or cause harm
down the line.
Wow! I mean I definitely agree with that. I wanna hopefully you guys are growers out
there and watching this. I wanna encourage you guys to go to Clean and Green or minimally
reduce the amount of toxins you’re putting in your soil. Even if you don’t get certified
Clean and Green, do some of the practices that I showed you guys here today. So, next
MIT wanna talk about what are some of the problems with spraying chemicals on the medicinal
herbs that people are buying?
Yeah, it’s a common problem and the problems are several. Right now, the national debate
is, “Should cannabis be legal? Should it be illegal? Should be legal only for medicinal
not for medicinal? Should it be legal for recreational not for recreational?” And
I respect that debate. And I think it’s a great debate personally that needs to be at.
I would take it a step further in my personal opinion. And say that I think the real debate
isn’t whether cannabis should be legal or illegal and for what purpose. I would suggest
that the real debate should be, “Is cannabis that has been subjected to chemical pesticides,
fungicides, moldicides, insecticides all of those things should that be illegal?” So, for example, if you’re spraying in the
vast majority of gardeners do the vast majority I would personally ask 90% of herb has been
sized to 95%. If you’re spraying your plants with a systemic pesticide like avid or you’re
spraying it with floramite or LatinCycle such as it’s getting in the plant whether it’s
early on in the case of avid or LatinCycle or if it’s floramite and then getting brought
into the actual flower that is then either extracted or smoked or vaporized by the patient
or even the recreational user. What they don’t understand the recreation user or the patient
in 95% of the cases because their awareness just isn’t there. Their practices aren’t there
and regulations and reinforcement aren’t there. What they don’t understand is they’re smoking
that pesticide that is designed in many cases to not even be used for food products. It’s
not a proof for food products and it’s certainly shouldn’t be used here on something that is
in a best case scenario designed to heal someone. And then may be not so best case but it may
be not been a bad case either. I don’t know. Other people would be the judge case scenario
for recreational use. So, we’d like to really advertise the fact
that this is happening. And in our personal opinion my personal opinion as members of
this collective that is something that should absolutely be stopped and that is regardless
of how you feel about the other issues of legality and again I respect all of those
questions and I think that’s a great healthy debate. Regardless of how you feel about that
this in our opinion is something that you absolutely be legal. And towards that end
it’s another reason why philosophically we’re Clean and Green Certified. And it’s
another reason why in practice we only use natural sources and naturally derive things
for any of the problems that are common that occur in gardens that 90% of my personal opinion
of growers will turn to a chemical to use. In many cases because they simply don’t know
any better. It’s in a lot of cases a simple sheer amount of ignorance. Now, willful ignorance
which is simply ignorance and it’s one of our missions and in fact one of the reasons
we’re here today is to educate other people that are growing cannabis whether it’s for
a fellow patient, a recreational person in the States where that’s legal or for themselves
in their own garden. There are ways of combating common problems the way you don’t have to
resort in cannabis.
I mean I totally agree. I mean I teach how to grow regular plants, fruits, and vegetables
in the garden without the use of chemicals and some of the same techniques. Here are
some of the same products I use. So, we’re like brothers. [laugh] But, so, if you’re
interested in that you know be sure to stay tuned. Be sure to subscribe to our videos.
One of this next upcoming videos with one of our specific video with MIT sharing and
spilling the beans like how to control pest naturally, growing the medicinal cannabis
that he’s growing here successfully. Alright, MIT so the next question I have for you I
know a lot of you guys are growers out there you guys are concern men I’ve heard that you’ve
grown naturally without chemicals, without fertilizers like you’re yielding this stuff
men. So, how you would respond with that questions for some of the people out there?
I think that the truth of the matter is that’s often the case. The other truth of the matter
is it doesn’t have to be the case. It depends on the strains that you’re working with. It
depends on the architecture that you use to deal with the plant and cultivate the plant.
There are a lot of master growers out there. There are a lot of growers better than I am
that are getting better yields on strains that I am because they understand the plant
better. They have a better intuitive understanding or perhaps a scientific method and laws to
understand the plant better. It’s simply not true. It is simply not true that using a synthetic
chemical based fertilizer is gonna guarantee you a better yield than an organic based fertilizer
or all natural based fertilizer or fertilizer that is approved for organic gardening. In many cases like I said generally speaking
people will achieve better results or slightly better results for synthetics but they only
trades out for that. And if yield is your entire game which is for commercial growers,
that’s the direction that they’re gonna going. But if you’re game is best in class, the best
cannabis medical grade that you can cultivate if that is your goal then you’re not gonna
go with synthetics. You’re going to go with all natural approaches. And it’s gonna show
up in the final product. The flavors are gonna be out there and much better. The smoothness
is gonna be there. There’s not gonna be any coughing if you’re smoking it. And you’re
not gonna have those vault of chemicals in the end product of the plant. And it’s going
to be healthier. It’s going to be healthy. You’re not gonna have the sorts of things
like heavy metals that you’re going to get from plants that use synthetic fertilizers.
You’re not going to have the heavy metals that you’ll then inhale or that you will then
ingest if you make an extraction out of the flower. You’re not gonna have the nitrates
that you get from synthetic fertilizers. So, you don’t hear a lot about heavy metals and
nitrates in gardening and in cannabis gardening in particular but they’re there, their issues.
And if you’re really, really making a medicine they’re not something you want in a medicine.
I mean, I totally agree. It’s not something you want the medicine or in your food. I mean
if you just buy and conventionally you raised food with MTK fertilizer. They’re higher levels
of some of the nitrates that you’re talking about. They will also get basically concentrated
in the cannabis that’s sitting right behind us. And this is researched I’ve done not only
on cannabis but on regular food crops that we’re eating that people are eating. One of
the things my mom or my parents were kinda hit this back then. They had to share smoke
and stuff and when the kids were sleep. But, me and my brother are nitrate free hotdog
because they know that too much nitrates may cause cancer. And my parents didn’t want to
get us cancer so we did eat nitrate. But meanwhile everybody is smoking potentially nitrate rich
cannabis and eating nitrate rich prune juice from the grocery store. So, that’s why it’s
very important to form in a course in nature. Another thing I want to mention for growers
out there you can’t differentiate yourself and make yourself different. I mean if everybody
has the chemical growing stuff causing people to cough and doesn’t work so good and it’s
just flood in the market nobody could sell their stuff because there’s so much of it
and it’s just not high quality and you can’t sell it what’s the use. But if you can differentiate
yourself by growing the highest quality stuff that you don’t cough when you’re smoking or
you choose to do that and you’ve got something totally different that you will pay more money
for than the regular stuff. They can make up for the quantity that you
might get with higher quality and charge more to me. Why do Mercedes cost more money right?
High quality men. When you guys throw high quality medicinal herbs or high quality fruits
and vegetables. I mean I’m a pretty tired one but I pay top dollar for high quality
nutrient dense grown fruits and vegetables. And that’s why literally I joined a collective
here because they’ve grown the highest quality medicinal herbs that I can literally find
at this time.
Yes. Yes. And we’re a non-profit organization. So we’re not concern with the highest dog
eye that we can get. If we were, we will be taking a completely different approach. We
would be synthetics. We’d be running rooms that are single strain and we would be organizing
completely differently. So, that is not our concern for more recreational organization
in Colorado or Washington. That’s not coming online. That would be something that we’d
be addressing. But we can’t, for our patients. It’s absolutely mandatory to us that our patients
may absolutely no more just to recompense us for the expenses associated with the production
of this. Then they would pay for anything else elsewhere. The number one important thing
the number one priority that we have is to give someone something that needs it something
that is chemical free. Something that is absolutely healthy and safe and it’s not going to endanger
them in anyway.
Wow! I mean. So, MIT let’s talk about I showed in this video earlier or my last video actually
some of the products that you use to give your plants nutrition besides just like chemical
fertilizer and some of the more natural approaches that you take the pest. Can you share some
of the practices that you do with some of the growers out there in case they wanna try
to model what you’re doing?
Sure. Sure. Well, I’ll just stick to the main things and sort of shy away from the
more new ones as of things. And everything else I discussed with you right now these
are all are secrets but we’re so passionate about everyone doing things in best possible
way that I’m more than happy to share them. And again, we’re not for profits. So, the
more that we can lead in terms of practice and education the happier that we are. You do not have to join North Coast to get
the highest quality medicine. You can just simply grow yourself. There’s absolutely no
reason why you can’t do that and we encourage you to do that. You can’t do that. You have
the space to do it. There are places that you can go get Clean and Green Certified medicine.
It doesn’t have to be North Coast. And always please keep that in mind. But just to get back in your question which
are the foundations of the things that we use are fertilizers. When we start using them
in the flowering stage or derive from organs or organics that has enabled to accompany,
the live nutrients that they use. It’s called Nectar Food Guards and it’s a fantastic leading
edge line of nutrients. When we started we sat down and we get a tremendous amount of
diligence and we identified. Again, our mission is to be the best is to
identify who are the leaders in the industry with respect to nutrients, with respect to
teas, with respect to soil, with respect to the provisioning of device and equipment.
All of these things that we knew that we have to rely upon who are the leaders. Let’s identify
them and to work with them and let’s, in fact, help them to develop the future products that
they wanted to develop. So that’s what we’re doing. Organs Only is a fantastic example
of that. All of their nutrients are all natural. I don’t know if they have the official USDA
Organic Certification but if they don’t they certainly could if they want to do. You’re
talking about things like bone meal, feather meal, amino acids that are derived from all
natural sources. And the different thing about them is unlike a traditional organic input
or should I say an input that is good for organic farming unlike a traditional one we
have to actually allow it to develop over time to release its fertilizer low whether
it’ll be nurtured in phosphorus, potassium, or any of the trace metals. These are immediately
available to the plant. And you can do the research or stuff and you’ll find out. So
when you apply a fertilizer from the nectar line, it’s immediately available and it can
be uptake by the plant immediately. It is not broken down by the microorganisms that
we spent so much time cultivating. Anything that is not needed by the plant immediately
will stay resident in the root medium and will be broken down by the microorganisms,
by the micro heard and become available to the plant as the plant needs it. So, we’re
not forcing anything into the plant or making it available to the plant. The plant will
get it if it needs it immediately and if not it’ll be available to it later. All the forms
of nitrogen that are used in the nectar line are all protein based. They’re all protein
based without nitrates. So, they are much gentler. They’re much healthier for the plants.
You can’t burn them. They’re much healthier for the environment. They don’t drain often
and pollute the water tables with nitrates, which all of the nitrogen sources do. So, in that regard the feather meals that
are provided by the nitrogen are similar to the pure protein that’s derived from the coal
process hydrolyzed fish. So, they’re very similar in that regard. So, that’s one key
component that we have. Another key component that we have is the soil that we use. It’s
actually coco coir. The coco coir that we use has a very low sodium content 70 PPMs
which is I don’t know if that’s too technical for some of you but for those of you who don’t
understand that a coco coir medium from that with that 70 PPM rating extraordinarily low
in sodium. So right out of the gate we’re talking about being able to use something
for the plants, the root zones that’s going to be very friendly. In addition to that,
the coco coir that supplied for most master gardens it’s loaded with feather meal, bone
meal, alfalfa meal, and diatomaceous earth8. All sorts of good things that you look at
the late when you say, “My gosh! That’s amazing.” And it is amazing. And the results speak for
themselves. So much so that couple with Boogie Brew which
is again another one of the key components in our foundation. The compost tea Boogie
Brew, that’s all we use for these plants like this. And I grow plants that are a lot bigger
with just that regimen in verged. That’s how powerful that is. So, I’ll stick with those
for the moment. If you have any other questions about anything be gentle I’ll be happy to
answer them. If you go with that, my opinion in our experience you’re gonna be at the
right direction and you’re gonna be doing it safely and in the most healthy way possible.
No heavy metals. No nitrates.
I want to remind you guys whether you’re growing medicinal cannabis or not you’re
just vegetable gardener like me I mean I already use the Boggie Brew products. I use sometimes
the Monster Gardens soil blends actually that they put out. I haven’t started using the
nectar products yet. But you guys could use that even in your vegetable garden. You might
kinda get the expensive free guides. So that’s why I like the Boggie Brew products are the
best because they are the most bang for the buck. They’re gonna get your soil revitalized
and get some of the microbes in that will help break down the nutrients already existing
in your soil. I mean it’s basically free nutrients. Alright, MIT so I have almost a last question
I wanna ask you. Is there anything else that you would like to share with my viewers out
there, fellow growers right now on the camera?
There are a lot of things that I would like to share but I would just lend it to something
very, very, very brief. Again, just stay away from anything that’s chemically derived whether
be in the root zone or fertilizer or something that you’re spraying on the leaf surface to
combat a common problem. None of that is necessary as you can see the results we’re getting without
even using a fertilizer just to act a super high quality based soil on a compost tea.
There’s no need to go with anything more advance unless you’re looking to do some more advanced
things with your plants which is why we’re turn to the nectar line. On the leaf surface
front from the standpoint of pesticides and insecticides and things like that I’ll be
happy to go into that more detail with you. But, the final thought I wanna leave with
you guys if I may is just stay with that approach and you’re gonna be healthy and if people
would like to consume your products whether it would be vegetables, fruits or medicinal
grade cannabis they’re going to be healthy as well.
Wow! I mean I totally agree. I don’t recommend you guys to use pesticides or chemical fertilizers.
I have a whole channel YouTube channel full of 950 videos I’m sharing with you guys on
different products I find and I shared with you guys and not only more on fruits and vegetables
but also medicinal cannabis if that’s what you wanna grow. So, I guess, the last question
MIT is, “I know people may have questions for you after this video on how specifically
you do things are you available for consult and how so many get hold on maybe collective
if they are to enjoy all this kinda stuff.
Yes. Well again we would love to have people join us more and more that are interested
or perhaps you can’t grow your own. That’s how we got started that the members were very
small the members that we have that’s what we do. That’s how we help them. We don’t have
a website ’cause were not a commercial organization. We’re not focused on marketing. We don’t even
have any market. We don’t have a Facebook page. We don’t have any of those things. We
do have a website that we are tentatively going to launch as soon as we feel like we
have the time and the energy to publish some information that’s gonna be really helpful.
If there’s a lot of inquiries will be happy to expedite that process to the best of our
abilities. Again, at North Coast we focus on gardening. So, that’s how all our energies
are focused to date. But, as time goes on we loved to be able to educate more if the
interest is there. So, please let us know if it is and will see what we can do.
Yeah. If you like this video actually please give it thumbs up to let MIT know that the
interest is there and that you should continue may be with some online videos or online education
to educate people out there that wanted to choose to grow Clean and Green certified chemical
freeway, which I think is so important. I mean a lot of the videos that I do will also
work with this specific crop. But there are special techniques and things he does that
I have no clue about ’cause I don’t grow this particular crop myself. So, I guess, the last
thing I’d like to say is that once again stay tune and subscribe to my videos for upcoming
episode that I’ll be doing with MIT on specifically pest control and natural organic pest control.
I mean this is very important because I don’t wanna eat chems when I’m eating food but especially
if I’ll be smoking which I actually don’t smoke any medicinal herbs. I would not wanna
be ingesting that because at least we’re eating things with chemicals like conventional grown
produce. We have ways that our body could help detoxify like our liver. But only smoke
it, none of that happens if that stuff goes right in your body and especially if you’re
trying to heal or get some medicinal benefit. It may not happen as well and you may even
develop more conditions. So, I’m just gonna leave it that and hopefully guys enjoy this
episode learning more and answer some questions about North Coast Naturals how they grow.
I wanna definitely thank you MIT for allowing me to come out and film you and answer the
questions. So, I hope you guys enjoy this episode learning more about North Coast Naturals
and how they grow into the highest quality Clean Green certified medicinal cannabis.
I hope you guys enjoy this episode about North Coast Naturals medicinal cannabis operation
here. I’m John Kohler with GrowingYourGreens.com. Will see you next time and remember keep on
Alright. This is John Kohler of GrowYourGreens.com. Today, we have another exciting episode for
you. I don’t know what you guys might be thinking. John what the heck you’re walking
at a doctor’s office men. I know you’re gardening show. Well, hey.

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