Wild baby rabbits in my yard – update 4

Hey everyone just a quick update on the
rabbits I wanted to get an update before it’s too late
here’s the rabbit hole and as you can see there’s no rabbits in there the last
couple of days they’ve been making use of this and I’m going to try to get a
picture of them in here without scared them out too much but if you look in
there let’s see if I can there’s one right there
and they’re all pretty much cuddled up down there as you can see so I don’t
really want to bug them we do have one rabbit that it’s not looking too good
looks like he may have a disease or something because he’s uh walking in
circles he can’t stand up straight he’s really listless when you pick him up I
don’t want to intervene but there’s still five rabbits. I actually caught one
out here he was actually hiding in here and I put them back in here so if he
jumped out and fell out if he got spooked but I’m thinking I’m hoping the
mom still coming back because if she’s not coming back and they’re out of the
nest they’re gonna die so I want to keep an eye on their bellies over the next
couple of days and we’ll see how how it goes and trying to let nature take its
course the downfall is the mom rabbit must be coming in here and eating the
tops of all my bell pepper plants and she also I’m going to assume it’s her
she also ate a few of my sweet peppers that were coming in those two that were
back there were eaten half way gone and I had left this gate down by mistake I
did some weeding and I left it down and when I came out the next morning all my
big Jims were eaten off and half eaten so I’ve lost some peppers I’m
thinking it’s the mother rabbit I don’t know how much longer I can be patient
with this I’m going to give another week or so and then these little guys
gotta find homes because I don’t want them thinking that this this backyard
area is their home anyway that’s my quick rabbit update or give you one more
look at the rabbits before I go on there they are all cuddled up thanks guys

39 thoughts on “Wild baby rabbits in my yard – update 4

  1. Here is the playlist if you're interested in seeing the rabbits from 4 days old until they grew up:

  2. Hey uh I know it’s super late but that rabbit that was spinning in circles and looking kind of discombobulated probably had rabies.

  3. I would let them stay at my backyard and let them eat away everything tbh lmfao , I don't mind them destroying my garden, as long they I can interact with them and witness their jolly prancing

  4. He described symptoms of rabbies. The tiny bunny has rabbies. A genetic birth gift that's lethal? Just be glad you were born fully functional.

  5. Awww I remember them from day 1 Hahahaha I looooove them you are sooooo lucky to have them in your garden and well when they were babies

  6. These fucking vegans in the comments, dude. These people are so ridiculous and annoying. Always making other people feel bad when trying to help and take care of other animals in need.

  7. Hi Rob, nice to meet you, could you tell us what happened to them? Did they survive o did they die? Or just run away?. Greetings

  8. They are so sweet😍. I'm literally laughing (sorry) because the mummy rabbit is eating your plants and take the juicy bits. 😂😂😂

  9. That rabbit that has something wrong with it is probably the one you dropped on its head at 8 days old….. this is why you shouldn't touch baby rabbits that young if you don't have any experience. Especially WILD rabbits. This is infuriating.

  10. I found 5 bunnies about as large as they are in this video in my yard, and I'm shocked since I never saw a den! I'm just letting them be, but I can't help but check in on them since they're so adorable.

  11. What ever became of these babies ? I know it’s been a few years but you never updated past a certain point. Did mama come back? Did they make it out of the garden box? (A concerned animal lover lol)

  12. the going in circles thing and acting that way is a parasite, I think called Escaris…Raccoons, 80% TESTED/FOUND IN U.S. have this and they spread it very easily.

  13. I have a nest of wild rabbit babies in my yard as well. Was wondering how long it took for your rabbits to finally leave the burrow for good. I might transfer them to our greenbelt/wildlife when they start venturing out of their nest. I have a vegetable garden nearby and i dont want those bunnies eating all my hard work

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