Winter Composting in 60 Seconds

[Instructor] There are
many ways to keep composting through the winter. Winter composting in an outdoor
bin requires extra space. Harvest any finished
compost in the fall to make more room in the bin. You can also cover the bin to keep it from
filling with snow. Put your compost bin
somewhere easy to get to from the back door,
or shovel a path so that you don’t need to
walk through deep snow. With these steps, you can keep adding kitchen
scraps all winter. Balance these with an equal
amount of dried leaves, or other brown material once the compost
thaws in the spring. Freezing and thawing will soften the food and yard
waste in the bin, and help break it down
faster once it warms up. Alternatively, kitchen
scraps can be stored in a large container with a
lid close to the back door. In the spring, they can
be added to your main bin along with some brown material, or buried in a trench compost. If you prefer to avoid
the cold entirely, you can use an indoor
composting method, like vermicomposting
or bokashi buckets.

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