Winter Salads | Garden vs Polytunnel (2019)

Hello, I’m out here today clearing this
space to put in some winter salad crops. I’m Liz Zorab and this is Byther Farm. This bed has had a version of a three
sisters planting in it so it’s had some sweet corn it’s had some yellow French
beans and some squashes in the middle it’s also got a few brassicas and I
can’t remember where I sewed these or whether they’re self sound but they’re
here so I’ve let them grow a sacrifice plants this year so the cabbage white
butterflies had something to reproduce on without it being and the cabbages
that I want to eat so I’m just going through clearing away the corn leaving
the ones that have got still got a sweet column to be harvested although I’ve
been through here once and cleared some of the sweet corn I post this map
immediately and gets it straight into the freezer and the rest of them I want
to leave here and harvest them as I eat them because there’s nothing nicer than
sweet corn that’s gone from the plant to the table in ten minutes so all of those have still got corn on
them this one by this one can go I can hear the Ducks just over there so they
can have the bits of cabbage the soil in this area is pretty much unimproved it’s
hard one load of duck bedding on it but it hasn’t had any other compost there’s
a very small corn on that one I’ll keep that let’s have a look oh yes
it’s hardly got any corn on it but that’s still enough for me to have for
breakfast ducks do you want some cabbage there you
go now I could compost this but actually I
think it’s better I give it to the Ducks and they turn it into eggs yeah and to
put it into the compost heap so these small yellow French bean plants have
given me a really good crop this year despite being in not great soil and
haven’t been watered a huge amount but it has rained a lot so yeah so they’ve
been okay with that but I’ve already planted some more of them in a bed over
there that are just about to flower and these are pretty much had it so these
can go to the compost heap but what I will do is pull off any beans that are
good for eating there’s quite a lot that have been nibbled heavily by slugs not
going to keep those ones they can go on compost heap so this bed has now mostly clear
cabbage or too for the Ducks there’s a cabbage resident that will go to the
chickens this is the thank you ducks this is the caterpillar from a cabbage
moth so it’s the green all green almost the same color as the cabbage and the
chickens really like those a few weeds they go to the Ducks as well because
they will Dibble amongst the roots and then here is one of the little squashes
that just did not thrive in this space at all it has produced me one small
squash this was a new cheeky carry squash this is one of the plants that I
didn’t pinch out to produce lots of shoots on it it’s got a really poor root
system it hasn’t been happy here at all I suspect the soil hasn’t been rich
enough for it and feeling around underneath it very
possibly a vowel or a mole has created a pathway right under its roots this area
at the back never really stays weed free the weeds come through from the duct
field so all I do just grab what I can and return it to the duct field and here right at the back here is
another of those squashes another a cheeky carry that hasn’t done very well and again a very small root system only
a few leaves and not much larger than a golf ball
fruit okay so the main part of the bed he’s looking relatively weed free now so
the next thing I’m going to do is just draw some lines down it between sweet
corn and these will be my guidelines for sowing seeds okay so that’s not the straightest line
ever but that will do now I don’t walk on my raised beds at all if I’ve got to
put my foot on the might try and put a piece of wood down first to spread the
pressure right Oh aha I have stood on this but it is
unimproved and hopefully over the next few years as I improve it I’ll stay off
it the other thing is is that this bed is wider than my raised beds are this is
more like seven feet wide which is actually here is two White’s I have as a
bed without being able to stand on it because I can’t reach into the center
without putting a foot on it anyway there we go three guidelines for where
I’m going to sow my winter salads so three things I’m going to plant ight
here one is lettuce called winter Imperial I
soaked these seeds on the 1st of September in a tray in the polytunnel
and as you can see they’ve grown to about just over an inch to an inch and a
half tall I’m also going to say some red mustard and oriental Ruby streaks and
some corn salad and I talked about all of these in my video what does so in
September so now I’m actually getting them in the ground but the other thing
I’m doing is I’m also planting them in the polytunnel so I’ve yesterday I
planted out a row of these in the polytunnel Anna sowed the seeds there
today I’m going to dip outside and then I can do a comparison of how well they
get on night in the open versus the polytunnel
so this is the oriental Ruby streaks going in now I don’t have enough for a
full row so I will do half a row and I will mark where it comes to with a
neatly placed twig and I’ll have a look amongst my seeds to
see if I have another package of those that I can top up the numbers in that
seabed I’m to finish the row and on this side I’m putting the lamb’s lettuce
which is the corn salad depending on what you call it there we go and then
I’m just lightly covering them over and now I’ll plant some of these in the
central section and we’ll watch how they develop over the next few months

20 thoughts on “Winter Salads | Garden vs Polytunnel (2019)

  1. If you've enjoyed this video, you may enjoy a look back at autumn 2018 here

  2. If you have some frozen peas that you feel are past their time, put them in the ducks' water and watch them bob for peas! It's great fun. Every time you say "Byther Farm" I think you are saying " by the farm"! (Grin)

  3. Thank you for informative video and how lovely to hear your ducks pottering about. Maggie, newby allotmenter learning all the time from your videos.

  4. Wow your sweetcorn are really tall. That's a nice harvest you'll be getting this year Liz. And the ducks are getting a lovely treat, they all went quiet when you threw the cabbage over, bless them. I think I'll plant lots of lambs lettuce tomorrow, thank you . I can't wait to see which do best , the poly tunnel or the ones you planted outside. Lovely video liz 💟

  5. There’s nothing wrong with standing on your raised beds, obviously not heeling them in hard. ( unless it’s for brassicas)

    Most plants appreciate a firm soil to anchor their roots into.

  6. Sweetcorn straight from the plant to the plate? Sometimes sweetcorn doesn’t make it off the allotment before being eaten!
    Its a sad time when sweetcorn is removed, I think.

  7. Dear Liz .. thank you for the salad update. Its one crop one can have pretty much every month. So my request was that most of your raised beds are beautifully drawn and kept. It would be good to have similar in all the deds too. As it looks neat and manageable too. Sorry if it sounds i am asking you to do more work. Just one bed at time pace is alright as we all know your healh is a big priority in there and we dont wish to overburdon. Thanks and have a lovely start to clearup of garden space. By the way the beds look great after the removal of weeds and unwanted stuff. Cheers

  8. Wowee Liz, you're cresting 15k!! I am so happy to see that for you!! It's so nice to watch the bed feeding you, the ducks and the chickens (and the odd cabbage white)lol! A perfect harmony on the homestead! I look forward to seeing the results of your experiment!! I envy your longer season for that! Our first frost is Oct 4th or so. My garden.. once my tomatoes are done ripening, will go to bed until near the end of May 2020. By the way, I love that you said you can save the small cob of corn for breakfast! It's not just for dinner anymore!! You're blazing a path from the traditional and I like it!😉🌽 Wishing you all the very best as always!!! 🤗🤗🤗

  9. Awesome update thank you for sharing Liz hoping to sow some seeds soon very damp here when it stops raining i take a video of the garden

  10. Another great video I look forward to seeing the results I would like a polly tunnel be interesting to see if it’s better

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