Women’s Empowerment – Farm To Yarn | Certified Traceable Organic Cotton

[Kasturi Chauhan]
“My name is Kasturi Chauhan.” “Before, my life was stuck.” True or false? Making clothes often leaves women stuck in adversity. True. [Kasturi Chauhan]
“I have 4 children: 2 sons, 2 daughters.” True or false? Volcom is putting itself in check, and combating adversity by joining forces with CottonConnect to empower women in rural India. TRUE!!! [Kasturi Chauhan]
“But now my life has become very good.” Our Farm To Yarn traceable organic cotton program educates women on equal wages, nutrition, health, and safety. [Kasturi Chauhan]
“In this women’s program, I gather all the women, and share the knowledge.” [Radha Bai]
“My name is Radha Bai.” “I work on the cotton farm, feed the animals, and take care of them.” [Jamna]
“My name is Jamna.” “I’ve been farming for 20-25 years.” “I’ve learned to save money in a bank.” “Then you can afford to solve problems faster, such as the hospital.” “All the women quickly adopt the concepts.” “In my family I have: 2 daughters, 2 sons.” “I will teach them farming and make them study so they can get good jobs.” “Then I will be able to retire.” Improving the quality of life for the planet and its people.” [Radha Bai]
“I have been in this program for 2 months, I am very happy.”

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