WOOD ASH & BIO-CHAR – Nursery Secrets and Best Fertilizers | Wood Ash for Plants – Alkaline Soil

Hello Friends! Today we will look into – what
is wood ash and what is Bio Char and charcoal ash, what are the uses of wood ash in your
garden as a fertilizer and other benefits and details like How to use it and how much
to use it. I will also demonstrate the effect of wood ash on the PH of your soil using a
Soil PH Testing Gadget. Wood Ash is a very cost effective organic fertilizer used commonly
in nurseries which is the top secret for healthy plants you see in plant nurseries. Also At
the end of the Video, will also tell you how to make ASH TEA for your plants. Then Finally
on very important DONTs and precautions for using wood ash. All Thats coming up..
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miss anything. So, What is Wood ash: Its nothing but the
residue powder left over after the combustion of wood, such as burning wood in a home fireplace
or an industrial power plant. It is used traditionally by gardeners as an organic fertilizer and
it�s very a good source of potash. The PH value of wood is between 8 and 9 � thats
alkaline ph. One more point to remember is � there is
something called Bio Char � those small pieces of wood that have burnt completely
but not converted into powder. These pieces are excellent material to mix in a succulent
soil mixture. You can use biochar if you do not have charcoal pieces or as a substitute
to charcoal. But for soil amendment, when it comes to charcoal ash � that�s obtained
by burning coal pieces, its better to avoid this for plants as this comes from burning
of coal and it contains higher amount of metals which might harm your plants.
Well, Coming back to Wood ash, it has a very high potassium carbonate content, which makes
it an excellent choice as a fertilizer. In addition to potassium, wood ash is a rich
source of phosphorus, calcium and magnesium. Additionally, it contains small amounts of
useful micronutrients like: Molybdenum, Manganese, Copper, Sodium, Boron, Zinc and Iron.
It is a purely organic fertilizer because it�s created through the combustion of plant
materials that is wood. Its been used by gardeners and farmers since ages as a natural soil amendment.
Woodash is also recycled, packaged and sold at garden stores and it would have an N-P-K
value of 0-1-3 or something like that. You can make your own ash by collecting the ashes
from your fireplace or by burning wood and collect the wood ash powder and use it in
your garden. You can preserve wood ash for longtime by keeping them sealed airtight bags,
away from moisture. The one you are seeing here is Organic Recycled Wood Ash purchased
online, you can find the link to purchase this in description of this video.
Well, Now we will list out the best uses of wood ash in your garden and how to use and
how much to use in descending order of its value.
5. Deter Many Surface Feeding Pests like Aphids and Whiteflies and also soft bodies surface
feeding insects like Slugs and Snails: which can eat way a lot of your garden in the dark.
And wood ash sprinkled on and around plants can be very effective to keep them away. If
its rainy season, you might need to reapply after every rain.
4. Control or slow down the growth of algae in your water plants and also on the top soil
of your plants. Sprinke small amount of it on the affected area.
3. Improves Compost Quality: Adding wood ash to your compost bin can enhance its nutrients,
especially potash which is a key nutrient for flowering plants. Here one thing to remember
is adding too much uncalculated wood ash can be bad for acid loving plants, as it can make
it too much alkaline. So the recommended dosage is sprinkle a layer of wood ash every six
inches of your compost approximately. 2. AS A FERTILIZER: The main component of
woodash, that is potassium is important for photosynthesis, plant vigour and overall growth
of the plant. Here an important thing you should know before adding wood ash to your
soil is whether your plant is acid loving like you should avoid this in acid loving
plants which I shall list out some acid loving plants at the end of the video.
Well. a. First benefit as a fertilizer is to fertilize
your lawn � just sprinkle some wood ash and spray water so that the nutrients enter
the soil, which can boost your lawn health. b. For Calcium Loving plants like tomatoes
and other veggies: though you can use eggshells effectively, sprinkle very small amount around
these plants can be very effective. So, One thing you must remember here is If you have
a PH soil tester, it really useful in testing the soil ph before adding wood ash as a soil
amendment. Vegetables like tomatoes, broccoli, cabbages, beans, asparagus, beets and many
root vegetables prefer neutral to slightly alkaline soil with pH level around 6 � 7.6.
How to use wood ash: Before sprinkling rake the soil well and sprinkle a thin layer around
the plant and then water the plant. Here am using a Soil PH Testing Gadget bought
online. Though it�s a low cost gadget, its really handy when it comes to testing Soil
PH, Soil Moisture and light conditions. Here for demo purpose, I am inserting the gadget
probes into a soil sample to root level. You can see the value is acidic for this soil
� that�s between 5 and 6. This is too acidic. Now a gonna sprinkle some wood ash
and then pour some water and lets see the effect after an hour. Now you can see the
wonderful effect of wood ash on this soil � its increasing from a PH of 5 to 6 to
6 to 7 and may turn more alkaline after some more time. Based on this testing you can adjust
the amount of wood ash you sprinkle on your plant soil.
1. Well now Lets quickly learn How to make Wood Ash Tea:
You might be already aware of something called Compost Tea, similarly you can exclusively
make woodash tea or you can even mix it into your compost tea.
For those who do not know about Compost tea � its just an organic liquid rich in nutrients
made by mixing compost into water plus adding few other components. There are many ways
you can make compost tea. Will make a separate video on this topic some other time. For now,
to Make Woodash Tea, depending on the size of your compost bin, you can pour some amount
of woodash in a cloth bag or any cloth like a small pillow cover or anything and tie it
up and suspend this bag into your bin and fill with water and leave for about 1 week.
Then use this water as Wood Ash Compost tea. This is a very rich all-purpose fertilizer
that can help cure plant problems such as leaf yellowing patterns due to deficiencies,
brown spots and discoloration at edges due to potassium deficiency, stunted plant growth,
curling leaf tips and low crop yields. Now One BONUS Benefit for you AS USUAL! You
can Protect your Seeds from Fungus while preserving them. Mix the seeds in some woodash powder
and seal them for storage. You can use any moisture absorbing material for this like
charcoal powder, milk powder, or even small pieces of newspaper.
Precautions 1. Wear eye protection and dust mask while
handling fine wood-ash powder. 2. Do not mix and apply wood ash with nitrogen
fertilizers like ammonium sulfate, urea and ammonium nitrate. These fertilizers emit ammonia
gas when come in contact with high pH level substance like wood ash.
3. Do not apply wood ash on seedlings. 5. Do not apply wood ash on Roses, Berries,
rhododendrons, azaleas and potatoes. First research on the soil type requirement for
your plant, before using woodash as soil amendment. So, there we have it folks. If you like the
video, please like, share and comment on the video. If you are new to the channel, consider
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