Worm castings

what’s going on guy’s its me John a couple of things that I wanted to show you today we’re going to get out of my warm box and it’s going to be pretty fun we stay tuned throughout the whole thing is gonna be pretty interesting i got a couple up things are now I want to show you when I want to show you how did they get all the nutrients they need to grow just from the wormbox alone ,Its a great seed starter my personal opinion everything they have into spring right away another thing that i wanted to show you too real quickly let me show you something real quick Now we’re back out here where I have these plants right here i wanted to show you you see these right here this man i never i didn’t really know what they were but this is from my compost notice how none of these are growing over here ok there’s nothing like this grown over here all right this right here’s from home depot but this right here was from my compost that I took out of this trash can right here okay with a bunch of stuff in there you know this right here i was surprised to find out earlier today that this was actually a tomato plant we have a bunch of them growing everywhere my compost is.. it’s actually wonderful now that you’ve seen that that was pretty cool about my compost their little side story right there and show you some other stuff ok this is from actually my friend Roman I know you’re gonna be watching buddy come over here with that we’ve been talking a lot about making Mead’s ok and i really don’t have I was thinking about it we’ve been talking about it i said i’m not gonna believe spend the money until actually got the method down so i’m actually testing something i just want to show him real quick since he’s a viewer as well and other viewers can enjoy it too just in case you haven’t heard about it.. Mead is that included to make check out some other videos before and then come and check out my video again then you put probably get a little more interested in what you’re seeing but check this out real quick Rome come look at this alright this right here is the little kind of thing that I’m making right now this is just all my mixture i’m just letting it soak in pre-soak I got some other stuff over there that I gotta show you if not then I’m going to add the yeast pretty soon but this is something that I’m sterilizing right now this right here is the the cap and just to show you how it goes okay it’s gonna go like this and it has it has sterilizer all over it so I’m not going to connect it to the thing now I actually wanted to wash it off with cold water before I even do anything but it goes connected to right here and it goes connected to hear what the water in it this is going to this end right here and show you this end right here is going to be submerged in the water so it’ll cause an airtight seal ok it’s not going to be this specific bottle water it’s going to be this one ok already made it looks kind of like a little baby bond right there so there you go they go Rome’s illuminator that’s money that’s has the nickname I gave him he’s my best friend with investments in sixth grade so I can call them that anyways there you go motherfucker so they go roam seen that show me what you got bitch so back to the words really sidetracked enough we get to cleaning this and let’s get started alrighty then so one of the first things were going to be really i really don’t want to use this so I’m just gonna get this and I’m just gonna kind of you know what yeah you fucking put it right here at this is going to be my little strainer ok and the finished product I guess I’m going straight into both finished product will land on the table here then so let’s get to jump in and see what happens mr. top here you can see that’s my compost all up in there see that and yeah so it all over me see it’s probably wondering if you can see maybe not you will see some worms I promise you so what we’re going to do is I’m going to slowly but surely get some of this and just work it over here okay then don’t want to shake it shake it like that like so not the stuff that doesn’t really have anything just dump it right here okay mostly coffee grains in that thing anyways since it’s at the top if you really want to get down to the bottom levels we could just flip it but I don’t want to flip it because i have things in here that might get injured if I flip it but let’s see what we got going on here get this right here is you it’s a pretty messy job most people want to have gloves on when they do it which is a pretty good idea as you can see now look now you see some worms see told you there’s worms in your people there’s worms see that thang trying to hide between my fingers you can go storm in there too I mean it doesn’t really matter look at all these worms and look at all that but I put a little pecan nut in here I wanted to see it a start to grow tell you what guys look at this this is what I mean for people seed starter well starting that seat already i just put this in there week ago what I need to do is I need to get something for my seats so hold on real quick i’ll get it so i found a little something to put my seeds in here so that’s exactly what I’m gonna do we go that is over here i’m going to get my avocado seeds here see that i’m just going to gently place them in there i have a lot in here i think i should actually look for them before continuing this video and show you how much i actually have that is actually in here I mean look at this they they like to go around them they lay their poop around them and their poop is well it’s known to be very very healthy for plants as a fertilizer give them all the nutrients they need and that’s specifically what I want to happen cool so hold up let me get all the avocado seeds out take a look at much up collect so far don’t pretty good got some is pretty much all I got here came out to be pretty good as you can see here look at this check this out with this through this in there about a month ago it’s still growing so I guess it’s a piece of onion or something then I want to show you this avocado here look at it if you could c is for when hold on real quick i’ll check this out this is just an avocado shell but when i got my worms the lady was like throw avocado shields in there because they move it look at this and she was so right so do she will show right then as you can see avocado seeds galore here’s what’s really cool too as you can see right here this is just a potato peeling but if you can see really closely to focus in here it’s growing the spud of just this little little warm to look at these little ones a little my hand nothing it’s gross but right there and it’s often these worms they they make everything so make that the little their little shit is so pearl awesome and was gonna leave that there when you woke up no quarrels with these plants were here another thing i want to show you look at these random little plants that are growing in you look at that little roots pretty cool right here’s another thing I don’t even know what this is the thing that’s two piece to a cabbage growing nothing with look at this I chopped one of these up double garden throw him in there we’re going to see what happens let’s see so the kind of sad thing about it is that a I had an avocado tree already grown was ready like six inches tall actually came into more one of my last videos I throw it back in here because it a the cats kept knocking it over everyone avenue i guess not here hopefully we can filter it out and see what happens to you when it comes up gotta be somewhere right I’m gonna go ahead and filter these things put them separate files and then I’m gonna bring you back let me just do my jacket another this if this video becomes too long we’ll be apart to hopefully right i know you enjoy spending time with me better motherfucker alright guys we’re finished let’s take a look at the impact here we go one thing i want to show you still got a little more system to do it just because i wanted to show you this first ship at the bottom of my miami box here this is the very body you can see so very buddy what is doing a couple little more to do but I wanted to show you this too because it’s gonna be very much want to show you this this is the actual No where any that is you could see real close right there that’s actually but big a worm this right here is all the stuff that came out there that’s going napkin in here bunch of stuff this right here is the very fine stuff I had to sift it twice this is a very fine stuff right here that can spread out here it’s got somewhere inside to it’s pretty cool stuff to look at it is zoom in and stop shaking the damn camera and this again is the very very fine sifted stuff you can see all the little baby where was in there just in Iraq the galaxy without the suns ok we have it that’s how you clean the shit out of a of a worm box right there literally how you clean the shit out of nowhere box you go I’m gonna let this last couple of minutes just die out stay tuned subscribe for more videos and you will

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