Worm Composting !! (മണ്ണിര കമ്പോസ്റ്റ്)

Welcome to Jyju’s Home Videos This is my Worm Compost Bin Let’s open and see the compost bin We can see lots of Earth worms in here They are those Labourers here What we see on top is a Blanket called Worm Blanket which helps to maintain the Moisture inside What we can feed to the Composting worms? Let’s see how the Worm Compost is formed Worms eat those scraps we deposit in the bin and two bi-products are formed First One, Worm cast or Casting which is seen in the form of Tea powder Then, Worm Juice which is coming out in Liquid form These two are those products We should know what Not to feed the worms What we saw now is the top most tray of the Compost bin This is the second tray of the bin Here, the Composting process is almost finished We can remove this compost in a week or two and use it What we see here is the stage of the compost, almost finished the process Almost everything is eaten by the worms and is converted into the compost Let’s see how the second bi-product, the worm juice is collected Open this tap into the container kept below to collect the Worm Juice Like this, this liquid can be collected at least once a week You might have asked a question in your mind : Where is this Worm juice used ? This Juice, in 1 to 10 Ratio which is 1 Part Worm Juice mixed with 10 Parts of water and can be used on plants and vegitables as a Fertilizer or an Insecticide I am feeding these small pieces of card board to the worms Smaller the pieces faster will be the Composting process Humidity in the compost bin has to be maintained around 70% and that is best for the worms After feeding the card boards, flush with water using a watering can Put the cover back on and let’s wait If you live in a place where extreme temperatures exists this compost bin has to be protected carefully from the sunlight and cold Let’s open it and see after a week time Worms have started their job ! Going ahead healthy Let us close it and wait again Let’s get some juice while we are here !

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