WSU soil scientist connects soil, biosolids & sustainability

For me it’s all about the soil. I’ve been a soil scientist for, boy, probably 35 years now And one of the most exciting things about soil is to the average person, it’s something we don’t think about much.
It’s just the ground beneath our feet But when you think about soil,
all of the plant life it supports, and then the ecosystem it supports –
a single gram of topsoil, that’s about a quarter – to half – a teaspoon,
can contain up to a billion microorganisms. It only makes sense to return the nutrients
from biosolids back to the soil. Not only does it help us to grow better crops
but it also helps us to farm more sustainably. Using biosolids, such as Loop,
helps us return carbon back to the soil and helping us to fight climate change. And when we just sit and think about that,
it’s truly an amazing thing.

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