WWOOF is a Great Exchange – Work abroad on an organic farm

For me woofing is an intercultural
exchange of skills and knowledge that supports an agrarian organic lifestyle. Basically, the wwoof experience is a big exchange. We as traveller we work for the farm and help them and the farm give us food and accommodation. But if you take a closer look, we as Woofers and also the Wwoofing host’s get so much more out of it. We have been WWOOFing for 10 years on our farm and i just love it. It as an absolutely fantastic way to have this kind of communication exchange with people from all around the world. The younger people that come really give me a lot of energy and they have so much enthusiasm and teaching them is always that kind of great exchange. And so I’ve learned just as much of my Wwoofers as they have learned from me I am sure. I am wwoofing because I wanted to travel through Canada, I wanted to work closely with animals and I really wanted to experience the real Canadian culture. I like to create a welcoming environment where people enjoy sharing food together, laughing and singing songs. These are things that bond people together it really gives us a deep sense of pleasure with live. I think our world has become very industrialized. The food that i want to eat is back to the basics, non-chemical based. I really enjoy learning about the whole sustainable lifestyle. How you can grow your own food, how you know what gets into your food, where it comes from and what you’re actually eating. Through the diversification that we have created here at Aurora farm not only allowed me to learn and master and build all those skills. Now it allows other peoples the same opportunity. You can learn about beekeeping or gardening or animal tending or soap making. Working with animals is special because you get to know the personalities and each one is different and it is very satisfying when they recognize you and you become friends with them. I like to think and i do believe that we are all part of a large global network of people who want to maintain these kind of principles and values and that the skills that go along with them are really what we need to express those in real terms. It has been an amazing experience. And it is just something what you wouldn’t get as a tourist. I come here because it makes me happy basically. Being on a farm is like being on a big adventure playground. WWOOF WWOOF everywhere. I learned so much more about myself and that you have to appreciate the little things in life.

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  1. Thanks SO MUCH! Mario and Marina! It was so great to have you with us and seeing this video brought tears of joy and accomplishment to my eyes. We really have loved our experience with all of our wwoofers. Good luck in the contest!

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