Wwoofing – Willing Workers on Organic Farms

the journey to self-discovery. be it for
to forget the stress after graduation or just take a break
appeal For a few years it has been almost normal
has spent several months abroad after graduating from high school.
but how do you finance something like that? One of the possibilities is wwoofing.
No. Not that woofing. Willing workers on organic Farms – In short Wwoofing.
To take a closer look we visit the hack’n stay farm in
New Zealand.Wwoofers have been recorded here for years My Name is Bärbel Hack and we’re here at Hack’n stay in new zealand. Here we have a horse, backpacker accomondation We offer good riding For riders that would like to have a bit more information about riding sitting on a horse with no need of violence Wwoofer was founded 20 years ago here in new zealand in Nelson. Now its seperated into wwoofers and helpx. Helpx is for those farms that are less organic Wwoofing is for the people that would like to learn more about the organic farming of nature and human. We have a lot of different jobs around here the work with the horses or working along the track here And sometimes we can go to the beach. But there are stingrays that are like 2 to 3 meters big Than we usually don’t go into the water. But mostly in the evening…or…nights we have got the time to go there. The most important thing is the correct way of working and of course the safety. We take this tool….aim…..and let gravity do the rest. …and let gravity do the rest. That’s totally normal. The concept of wwoofing is pretty good you get to know the real life in a different country And it is so much fun It’s kind of bad that we’re not getting paid…but i really do like it. I would recommend it. You shouldn’t come here with the expectation to be around the horses all the time. and to pet them a little bit. Nope. You have to get your hands dirty. You should know that before coming here.But otherwise i would recommend it. We have a business with the campground, the houseguests but also with the horse rides and the vaulting. Every activity needs more or less engagement. The Wwoofers can help or they don’t some woofers like to help with the horses other ones are artistic and paint the walls around here other ones enjoy the gardening and produce food for the winter season The Wwoofers have to expect a lot of unknown work like making the dishes without a dishwasher cooking by yourself Clean up the dishes and organize themselfes keep the farm clean. But also working in the service in contact with the customer also international. So we can speak german And i need a signature. Are you travelling alone? Or in a Group? It’s me, my wife, my two sons and my grandmother will come tomorrow. Okay so it’s 3 adults So put your gloves and aprons on and give us a smile. Cause who comes here has to work. Plenty of work.

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